Federal regulations require schools to disclose specific consumer information to enrolled students, prospective students, and their parents or carers.

This page contains information resources to enable students and their families to make informed decisions regarding their education. Paper copies of each document listed on this page are available upon request. If you need any assistance or require hard copies of the listed documents please contact the University's US Financial Aid Office on:

US Federal Student Aid Office

Email: usfinaid@uea.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1603 591701


Financial Aid Information

Details about financial assistance programmes for students at the University of East Anglia are published on UEA Bursaries, Prizes, Scholarships and StudentshipsScholarships and Funding for International Students and Financial Information for Students.

For US federal student loans visit our US Federal Student Aid website website for the following information regarding terms and conditions of the Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) loans:

  • Criteria for selecting recipients and for determining the award amount
  • Eligibility requirements and procedures on how to apply
  • Methods and frequency of disbursements
  • Rights and responsibilities of students receiving Title IV, HEA student Financial Aid
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements
  • Return of Title IV Refund policy
  • Exit counselling information

Academic Programmes, Accreditation and Institutional Regulations

Academic Programmes are published and updated on UEA's Course Search. Each programme of study has its own webpage explaining the course structure, assessment methods, employment information, accreditation (where relevant), entry requirements, tuition fee and how to apply. Contact information for schools, faculties and academic personnel is available within individual faculties/schools.

University of East Anglia was founded by Royal Charter in 1963. In the UK, decisions to grant degree-awarding powers to higher education institutions are made by Privy Council and based on advice from the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The UK authorities recognise institutions that can offer degrees by virtue of their own degree-awarding powers (recognised bodies) and prospective students can find the University of East Anglia by looking up the UK Government website for recognised bodies. If an individual course at UEA is accredited by a professional or regulatory body, that will be specified on the relevant programme specification of Overview (see links from the UEA Course Search or Faculty pages).  

The University is externally audited by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). Reports of recent reviews of the University are published through the QAA website.

Institutional regulations and specific regulations for students studying at the University are published and updated on an annual basis on the University's website and below are hyperlinks to key policies, regulations and essential information for UEA students:

School costs

For actual tuition and fee charges visit the Tuition Fees page or contact:

UEA Fees Officer

Planning Office, University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

Email: fees.officer@uea.ac.uk

For estimated tuition and fees, accommodation, books and supplies, and personal/miscellaneous expenses (or Cost of Attendance) contact: 

US Federal Student Aid Office

Email: usfinaid@uea.ac.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1603 591701

Copyright Infringement Policies

UEA students are expected to observe current UK copyright law. Unauthorised distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorised peer-to-peer file sharing and computer use may subject you to civil or criminal liabilities. Please read the University Policy on plagiarism and collusion and its Intellectual Property Regulations.

Drugs and Alcohol Prevention

If you are convicted of a drug related offence whilst receiving federal student aid you could lose your eligibility for that funding. Details of drug penalties in the UK are published on the Home Office: Drugs and the Law webpage.

Private Education Loans

UEA does not endorse, promote or recommend any preferred United States Based Private Loan provider. We are currently aware of only one Private Lender who issues loans to students studying at Foreign Schools which is Sallie Mae. We can certify loans from Sallie Mae up to a maximum value of the Cost of Attendance. Please visit our Sallie Mae Private Loan page for more information. 

We recommend that all applicants carry out thorough research before deciding to take out a Private Loan. The link below has been provided to aid this research:

Federal vs Private Loans

Retention Rate

The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) is the official agency for the collection, analysis and dissemination of information including completion, retention rates in Higher Education (HE) in the UK. 

Information on the University's latest retention, completion and transfer-out rates can be found by visiting HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency Limited)

Safety on Campus

Norwich has been ranked as one of the safest university cities in the UK.

The University has 24-hour security cover on campus with a Security Team who work hard to ensure the campus is a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors. Useful information about personal safety, property safety and lost property as well as UEA Security Team contact details can be accessed via the Security pages of My UEA.

It is the University's policy to provide and maintain adequate protection and effective evacuation arrangements to all staff, students and visitors within its building.  

The University sets out a Missing Student Procedure with appropriate actions to protect the safety, as well as privacy, of any students who register to study but are reported as 'missing' by their peers or schools. 

Services and Facilities for Students with Disabilities

The University is committed to creating the conditions in which all students can participate fully in the academic, social and recreational life of the University. Please visit Campus Accessibility and contact the Student Support Service Team through Disability Support for information about the facilities and services available to students with disabilities.

New students are expected to declare their disability prior to arriving at UEA and pre-departure information for disabled students is available on our Welcome webpage.

Textbook information

Information about required and recommended textbooks for individual modules of your course is provided to you by the relevant School of Study.

The Library services are vast and include a number of special collections, E-Resources and Online Reading Lists. Visit the UEA Library to find out more.

You are not required to purchase books from a specific bookshop.

Vaccinations, Health and Welfare

The University's policies on vaccination for new students can be found on the UEA Medical Service - Health Requirements & Immunisations. Health Services are provided by appointment on weekdays and through telephone at 01603 251600 or in person.

Student Support Service offers a range of professional, proactive and approachable services for students. 

Withdrawal & Fee Refund Policy

The University has a General Regulations concerning the payment of fees and fee liability for withdrawals and interruption to a period of study. 

If a student who receives Title IV funding withdraws, interrupts their study for more than 180 days, or drops below half time attendance the University will follow the requirements for returning funds as specified by the US Department of Education. Please download the University's Return of Title IV Funds Policy PDF file for details.

Weblinks to the US Federal Student Aid webpages

Federal Student Aid website

NSLDS Student Access

Entrance Counselling

Exit Counselling

Last updated: January 2021