Tuition fees cover the cost of your teaching and assessment as well as the use of University facilities such as the library and IT equipment.

As tuition fees are reviewed on an annual basis, we recommend you use the tables below for the correct fees per academic year, depending on whether you are a UK or overseas student.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for UK or overseas fees status, then please fill out a Fee Status form.

If you have any questions or queries regarding tuition fees or would like some advice on fees policy or strategy, please contact us.

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A full fees table for 2024-25 can be found below for both home/UK and international students.


Home/UK Students 2024/25

International Students 2024/25

A full fees table for 2023-24 can be found below for both home/UK and international students.


Home/UK Students 2023/24

International Students 2023/24

A full fees table for 2022-23 can be found below for both UK, EU and International students.

Home/UK Students 2022/23

International Students 2022/23

Notice on annual fee increases

Please note that tuition fees increase annually for all students (Home undergraduate fees, whose rates are regulated by the UK government, will be amended in line with any alteration advised by the UK government). The fee rates listed above are for the most recently published year of entry only. The maximum increase will be 4% or RPI-X whichever is the higher. RPI-X is the Retail Prices Index excluding mortgage interest.

Notice to EU Applicants

EU, other EEA and Swiss nationals will no longer be eligible for home fee status, undergraduate, postgraduate and advanced learner financial support from Student Finance England for courses starting in academic year 2021/22. This change will also apply to funding for apprenticeships. It will not affect students starting courses in academic year 2020/21 or before, nor those EU, other EEA and Swiss nationals benefiting from Citizens’ Rights under the EU Withdrawal Agreement, EEA EFTA Separation Agreement or Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement respectively. It will also not apply to Irish nationals living in the UK or Ireland whose right to study and to access benefits and services will be preserved on a reciprocal basis for UK and Irish nationals under the Common Travel Area arrangement. Students outside the above exceptions will be liable for the international course fees as listed on the University website.

We would be happy to answer any queries you may have about this. Please contact


Why do fees increase annually?

The fees rise each year to allow for a combination of factors, and the rise will not necessarily be the same as the rate of inflation. This is because inflation is just one of many factors considered when setting the UEA's annual fee policy.