Area of Interest Academic Staff 

Animal Welfare Law

Gareth Spark

Business and Human Rights

Youseph Farah (postmodern governance strategies)

Clinical Legal Education

Gareth Thomas (including access to justice)

Polly Morgan

Company Law

Rob Heywood (company directors)
Viviana Mollica (corporate governance and comparative company law)

Commercial Law – see, separately:

  • Harmonisation of International Commercial Law
  • International Commercial Dispute Resolution (including Arbitration)
  • International Commercial Litigation
  • International Trade Law
  • International Sales Law
  • Investment Law
  • Maritime Law and Law of the Sea


Comparative Law


Stathis Banakas (European and Global Private Law; French, German and Greek Civil law)

Nikos Skoutaris (comparative constitutional law and comparative federalism)

Competition Law (CCP) and Public Procurement


Sven Gallasch (the intersection of competition law and intellectual property rights; anticompetitive misuse of intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical sector; reverse payment settlements)

Michael Harker (especially the interaction between competition law and regulation)

Morten Hviid (particularly, private enforcement of competition law; practices which facilitate collusive behaviour)

Peter Kunzlik (particularly, public procurement law; Private Finance Initiative (PFI))

Andreas Stephan (especially cartel enforcement and agreements between firms; leniency and systems of whistleblowing and direct settlement)

Sabine Jacques (Interaction between Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law) 


Contract LAW


Morten Hviid (economic approaches to contract law)

Gareth Spark

Sabine Jacques (Interaction between Intellectual Property Law and Contract Law, especially copyright exceptions overridability)

Youseph Farah 

Criminal Law and Criminal Justice


Ian Edwards (sentencing law and sentencing guidelines in England and Wales; the role of victims in criminal procedure and criminal evidence processes and victim-centered substantive criminal laws; the jury system; criminal defences, causation in criminal law)

Rob Heywood (corporate manslaughter)

Andreas Stephan (White Collar Crime and the use of criminal sanctions to control corporate misbehaviour)

Joe Purshouse (Criminal procedure; rights of suspects and defendants especially under article 8 of ECHR; criminology surveillance and social control)

Critical Legal Studies


Lucy Barnes (postmodern governance strategies)

Data Protection and Privacy

Paul Bernal

Karen Mc Cullagh (privacy, media law and data protection)

Joe Purshouse (Article 8 of ECHR and Criminal Justice)

Discrimination Law

Gareth Thomas (the Equality Act 2010, and also genetic discrimination, appearance discrimination and socio-economic discrimination)

Owen Warnock (particularly the law on age discrimination)



Empirical Legal Studies


Rob Heywood

Morten Hviid (quantitative methods, especially applied to civil litigation)

Karen McCullagh

Andreas Stephan



Employment Law


Deborah Ives (particularly, TUPE Regulations and collective consultation requirements under the Trade Union and Labour Relations legislation)

Gareth Thomas (particularly discrimination in employment; work-life balance; whistleblowing; trade union law and industrial relations law)

Owen Warnock (including trade union law; labour and industrial relations law)

Gemma Mitchell (work-life balance, gender discrimination and precarious workers) 

Environmental Law

Avidan Kent

Peter Kunzlik



EU Law


Claudina Richards

Nikos Skoutaris (including EU Constitutional law; EU External Relations law; European Neighbourhood Policy)

Viviana Mollica (EU Company Law)

Avidan Kent (EU Environmental Law)

David Mead (EU Charter of Rights)

Sabine Jacques (EU Copyright Law and E-Commerce) 

Family Law                                     

Polly Morgan (particularly the regulation of adult relationships and the financial consequences of family breakdown; child law and inappropriate sexual behaviour by a parent)

Freedom of Speech

Michael Hamilton (US & Strasbourg free speech jurisprudence; freedom of expression in the context of political transition)

David Mead (including UK and Strasbourg free speech jurisprudence; hate speech regulation; privacy theory;inciting terroism)

Gareth Thomas (whistleblowing; freedom of expression in the workplace)

Sabine Jacques (balancing copyright and free speech) 

French Law

Claudina Richards



Gender and Sexuality


Polly Morgan (particularly, issues surrounding the legal regulation of sexuality and gender identity)

Gareth Thomas (particularly sex, sexual orientation and gender reassignment discrimination, and the law on equal pay)

Gemma Mitchell (Conceptions of Family in Law; Gender Pay Gap; Pregnancy and Caring Labour in the Work Place)

Harmonisation of International Commercial Law

Jacqui Longman

Heritage Law

Ian Edwards


Human Rights Law and Civil Liberties


Paul Bernal (privacy)

Gillian Daly

Michael Hamilton (freedom of speech; protest and public order; peaceful assembly; transitional justice)

Karen McCullagh (privacy)

David Mead (British/UK human rights; the Human Rights Act 1998; media representations of human rights; terrorism and human rights; direct action; protest and public order; peaceful assembly; freedom of speech/hate speech; privacy)

Angelika Reichstein (Right to Life; Prisoners' Rights)

Joe Purshouse (Privacy, Human Rights and Criminal Procedure)

Sabine Jacques (Balancing Intellectual Property and Human Rights) 


Intellectual Property Law


Sven Gallasch (enforcement of intellectual property rights and their impact on competition; anticompetitive misuse of intellectual property rights in the pharmaceutical sector)

Michael Harker

Morten Hviid (interaction between IP law and Competition Law)

Nick Scharf

Owen Warnock (labelling and advertising of food and drink)

Sabine Jacques (Especially Parody) 

Insurance Law

Durand Cupido

International Criminal Law

Nada Ali

International Commercial Dispute Resolution (including Arbitration)

Avidan Kent

Jacqui Longman (specifically international commercial arbitration)

Hakeem Seriki (all aspects of International Commercial Arbitration including injunctive relief and arbitration)

Youseph Farah 

International Commercial Litigation

Hakeem Seriki (in particular jurisdictional and enforcement issues)

Youseph Farah 

International Trade Law (widely defined)

Durand Cupido

Jacqui Longman (particularly, international trade finance (documentary credits), security and banking law)

Avidan Kent (WTO)

International Sales Law

Durand Cupido

Investment Law

Avidan Kent

Hakeem Seriki (in particular the legal protection of Foreign Direct Investment in emerging economies)

Youseph Farah 



Jurisprudence and Legal Theory


Stathis Banakas (including, Global Justice and Private Law)

Lucy Barnes (continental thinkers, especially the work of Lyotard, Foucault and Deleuze)

Law and Economics

Nada Ali

Sven Gallasch

Morten Hviid (in particular, using game theory to analyse strategic situations where relevant actors are aware of their effects on each other)

Andreas Stephan (especially in relation to sanctions)

Sebastian Peyer 


Law and Literature


Lucy Barnes (especially, dystopia and the absence of classic juridical notions of 'law' in the work of JG Ballard)

Gillian Daly

Law and Regulation

Tola Amodu (Regulatory Theory, including compliance by SME's; food and environmental regulation)

Lucy Barnes

Morten Hviid (Utilities Regulation; Regulation of the Professions) 

Michael Harker (Media Regulation) 

Legal History

Polly Morgan (Adult Relationships Regulation) 

Maritime Law and Law of the Sea

Durand Cupido


Media Law and Policy


Paul Bernal (privacy, surveillance, and freedom of expression; the role of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook; how the law deals with our interactions with each other, with businesses and with authorities)

Michael Harker (especially the regulation of media markets, and media pluralism)

Morten Hviid (Digital markets and Competition Regulation)

Karen Mc Cullagh (new technologies including social media, cloud computing and surveillance)

David Mead (Communications Theory; Media Portrayal of Human Rights) 

Medical Law

Rob Heywood (assisted suicide; clinical negligence; consent; advance and end-of-life decision making; information disclosure; mental capacity; mental health; organ transplantation)

Angelika Reichstein (Assisted Dying; Abortion) 

Planning Law

Tola Amodu 

Policing and Police Powers

Ian Edwards

Michael Hamilton (‘policing’ and the role of ‘the police’; public order and the use of force)

David Mead (public order law; police powers and counter-terrorism; consensual police powers)

Joe Purshouse (Proportionality, Privacy and Policy) 



Private Law (including contract, tort and unjust enrichment)


Stathis Banakas (Private law, Law of Negligence)

Morten Hviid (Economic approaches to contract law or tort law, civil litigation, procedural law)

David Mead (the regulation of public protest through private law remedies)

Gareth Spark


Property Law, Equity, Trusts


Lucy Barnes (the effects of law on the communities in which it operates, particularly vulnerable populations; social housing; anti-social behaviour; graffiti; cohabitation; landlord/tenant relationships)

Gareth Spark

Gemma Mitchell

Tola Amodu

Public Law

Eloise Ellis (parliamentary select committees; the constitutional structure of government and constitutional reform)

David Mead (UK public law)

Nikos Skoutaris (constitutional accommodation of conflicts; federalism; UK devolution and EU)

Gareth Thomas (access to justice)

Tola Amodu (local government and administrative law) 


Public International Law


Nada Ali (international criminal law)

Michael Hamilton (transitional justice)

Avidan Kent (Public International Law; International Sustainable Development Law; International Investment Law; WTO Law; International Environmental Law; International Dispute Settlement)

Hakeem Seriki (Investment Law)

Nikos Skoutaris (including the relation of EU law and international law)

Public Protest Law and the Regulation of Public Space

Lucy Barnes (how governance strategies encourage or discourage particular behaviours and uses of space)

Michael Hamilton (particularly, the facilitation and legal regulation of protest; international standards governing the regulation of freedom of peaceful assembly; the intersection of law and social movement theory)

David Mead (including, Strasbourg freedom of assembly jurisprudence; the right to protest under the Human Rights Act 1998; protest as a form of democratic participation; the regulation of protest through private law)

Socio-Legal Approaches to Law 

David Mead

Tola Amodu

Michael Hamilton

Lucy Barnes

Karen McCullagh