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The seminar explores the history and role of the COPs in climate change negotiations, as well as the challenges and expectations from the first COP of ‘the Critical Decade’, the 2020s. The seminar features two short talks by ClimateUEA experts:

Milestones and shifting dynamics in the UNFCCC process - Professor Heike Schroeder

Building up momentum to support a strong COP26 outcome - Professor Corinne Le Quéré

Recorded 26 April 2021

Sir Robert Watson

Listen back to Sir Robert Watson’s remarkable seminar discussing the current biodiversity crisis caused by climate change, and how Governments, business and society can limit climate change and preserve nature for future generations.

Recorded for the Norwich Science Festive by UEA in October 2021.

Professor Frances Bowen

In this short seminar, Frances discusses the broad range of climate research taking places across the Faculty of Social Sciences at UEA, as well as providing a personal example from her own research on the Canadian Oil Sands. 

Recorded during the ClimateUEA Regional Launch, 11 February 2021

Dr Tom Hargeaves

In this short seminar Tom discusses his work with the Science, Society and Sustainability Research Group, including the establishment of the Observatory for Societal Engagement with Energy, to better understand how the public engage with energy and the transition to net zero.

Recorded during the ClimateUEA Regional Launch, 11 February 2021

Professor Andrew Lovett

Andrew is part of a group of researchers who have recently completed an evidence compendium of natural assets in Norfolk and Suffolk, to aid the development of a local 25 Year Environment Plan. Here Andrew discusses the report, which details the extent and status of over 60 natural assets, as well as reviewing future climate change risks to natural assets in these counties.

Recorded during the ClimateUEA Regional Launch, 11 February 2021

At this launch event for UEA's re-branded Lasdun Lectures, three members of the ClimateUEA community share their experiences from the event in Glasgow, and take on questions about the future of climate change.

What happened at COP26? – Professor Corinne Le Quéré
Glasgow Climate Pact – what climate of change does it represent – Professor Heike Schroeder 
UEA and the COPs – Asher Minns

Recorded 25 November 2021

Dr. Esther Priyadharshini

In this short seminar Dr Esther Priyadharshini shares some of her thoughts and images from the school climate strikes and how they can inspire the larger social and cultural changes that climate change demands of us.

Recorded on Friday 16 July for ClimateUEA Day 2021

Dr John Pinnegar

In this short seminar Dr John Pinnegar, at UEA and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture (Cefas) talks about the work they started in 2016 after getting funding from the government to look into climate change risk to fisheries in the Caribbean and working with the finance sector to build resilience. 

Recorded on Friday 16 July for ClimateUEA Day 2021

Professor Steve Waters

For his AHRC funded project, Steve Waters takes a closer look at conservation in a time of accelerating extinction - is it possible to put species at the centre of human stories? Halfway through 2021, Steve reflects on the making of Radio 4 drama 'Song of the Reeds' and site-specific theatre piece 'Murmurations' as dramatic interventions in the fight to save wetlands.

Recorded on Friday 16 July for ClimateUEA Day 2021

Dr Zhao Wanqing

In this short seminar Dr Zhao Wanqing from the UEA School of Computing sciences presents their work around management of local energy systems and the importance of using green renewable energy.

Recorded on Friday 16 July for ClimateUEA Day 2021

Recorded on Thursday 11 February 2021 for the ClimateUEA Regional Launch Event

Watch Deborah Meaden, successful entrepreneur, business investor and star of Dragons Den open ClimateUEA’s Regional Launch event

Recorded on Tuesday 3 May 2022

At this event hosted by ClimateUEA and Professor Corinne Le Quéré the contribution of UEA researchers to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report 6 (AR6) are celebrated. The event features presentations from working group authors Professor Tim Osborn, Dr Jordan Harold, Dr Marie-Fanny Racault, Professor Rachel Warren, Dr Jeff Price, Professor Jo Clarke and Dr Mark Tebboth. Followed by a roundtable discussion on the future of the IPCC and the UEA contribution chaired by Professor Andy Jordan and including Dr Nem Vaughan, Professor Heike Schroeder and Dr Pierre Bocquillon.

In this seminar hosted by the Centre for Competition Policy and ClimateUEA the role of finance in addressing climate change is discussed. What is sustainable finance and what is it intended to achieve? What policy actions are already in train and what might happen next? How far will governments go in directing capital to support their policies? What are the dangers of getting it wrong? How can economics and law studies contribute to what may be one of the biggest transformations ever in the way we all live? A panel of experts, including UEA's Dr Patrycja Klusak and Professor Raphael Markellos, discuss the issues and answer your questions.

In this talk Dr Nem Vaughan from the UEA from the School of Environmental Sciences discusses the role of carbon dioxide methods in how we get to Net Zero.

Recorded Monday 24 October 2022 for CRU50th: From Climate Science to Climate Action



In the podcasts below, five climate change experts from the University of East Anglia highlight why it is paramount to take action during this decade, what needs to be achieved and how.


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