Head of School

Professor Yann Lebeau

Director of Initial Teacher Education

Deirdre Medler

Primary PGCE

Sarah Brownsword - Primary Course Co-Director & Primary English, Drama & Languages Lead

Martin Smith - Primary Course Co-Director & Primary Maths & Computing Lead

Teresa Smith - Primary Curriculum Lead & Primary Art, DT & PSHE Lead

Alison Bayton - Primary Partnership and Mentoring, Assignment, Chair of Exam Board, Geography, History & RE Lead

David Board - Primary Partnership and Mentoring & Maths Lead

Dave Jones - Primary Assignment, Early Career Development & Science Lead

Helen Trelford - Primary Assignment, Admissions, Recruitment, Marketing & Primary English & Drama Lead

Natalie Thurston - Primary PE Lead

Eleanor Milligan - Primary Music & EYFS Lead

Secondary PGCE

Amanda Bell - Secondary Course Co-Director, Chair of Exam Board & Geography Lead

Sophie Vauzour - Secondary Course Co-Director, Partnership (Including Placements & Mentoring), Admissions, Recruitment, Marketing & Modern Foreign Languages Lead

Vicky Christoforatou - Secondary Partnership (Including Placements & Mentoring) & English Lead

Elizabeth Lake - Secondary Assessment, Early Career Development & Maths Lead

Francis Lemon - Science Lead

Laura London - Secondary Curriculum & History Lead

David Savage - Secondary Curriculum & PE Lead


PGCE Staff