30 April 2020

Viviana Ramirez Loaiza


    Global Talent Research Fellowship: Viviana Ramirez Loaiza 


    UEA host: 

    Teresa Armijos Burneo, Lecturer at the School of Global Development


    Project title:

    Knowledge exchange for disaster risk reduction and peace building in Colombia



    Viviana Ramirez Loaiza, a psychologist and researcher who has focused her academic career in community social psychology, has received national recognition for her contribution to disaster risk management, from psychosocial approaches to research and practice in Colombia. Through her work as part of two research groups in Colombia, she worked as a fieldwork coordinator for three UEA-led projects. Teresa Armijos Burneo hosted Viviana during a four-month Fellowship wherein she conducted a series of research and training activities.



     The visit and knowledge exchange Viviana took part in focused on:

    • Writing research papers that explored the innovative methodologies and results of previous GCRF projects developed with UEA academics over the past few years
    • Conducting an evaluation of the impacts generated by these projects
    • Supporting engagement between UEA researchers with government institutions and NGOs in Colombia who would benefit from the work
    • Holding a workshop for UEA academics relating to participatory methodologies using the arts, as well as taking part in conferences and seminars as a speaker discussing this topic.


    Viviana Ramirez Loaiza, a recipient of a Global Talent Research Fellowship (photo by Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre)


    Viviana has strong ties with two Colombian universities (Universidad de Manizales and Universidad de Caldas), and she continues to disseminate narrative methods as innovative and transformative pathways. This is effective when working with communities and institutions responsible for disaster risk management and reparation of victims. Her methodologies have led several overseas researchers to incorporate participatory activities in their current GCRF projects. Viviana has also taken advantage of opportunities derived from her fellowship, including participation a panel speaker during international workshops such as at University of Edinburgh, and participation in conferences, one of them held by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre in Geneva, named The Road To 2030: Finding Solutions to Internal Displacement.


    SDG/target addressed:

    clean water and sanitation

    SDG 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

    sustainable cities and communities

    SDG 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable



    UEA Global Talent Research Fellowships 

    The UEA Global Talent Research Fellowships(previously known as Vice Chancellor’s Global Challenges Research Fellowships) provide the opportunity for international researchers to spend between 3-6 months at UEA, to advance longer-term interdisciplinary collaborations and to undertake training activities to support their career development. 


    The fellowships are funded through the quality-related Global Challenges Research Fund allocation, therefore they must comply with requirements for Official Development Assistance (ODA.



    Teresa Armijos Burneo, Lecturer in Natural Resources & International Development, School of Global Development



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