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Payment of Maintenance Grants (Stipends)

The payment of maintenance grants (stipends) to postgraduate research students whose awards are paid via the University (rather than direct from their funders) are paid monthly in advance through payroll. Students will receive their payment through their bank on the same day as staff – 28th of the month. This does not affect the tax status – it is tax free.

Students need only complete one form which will cover the whole of their studies - unless there is a change in the bank details originally supplied or they return from a period of intercalation.

Please note if you wish to change your bank details or address, the information must be received at least 10 working days before pay day. Please also note that address information is held by the Payroll department and is separate from any details held in the Faculty, therefore if you are changing address in the Faculty you must specify whether the maintenance grant details also need amending.

Download the Research Student Grant Maintance form


Research Training Support Grants (RTSG) / Bench Fees

Research councils automatically provide Research Training Support Grants (RTSG) as part of the studentship, normally in the region of £750-£1000 per annum. However, students who are offered a place whilst subject to finding their own source of funding are asked to pay bench fees on top of their tuition fees to cover the cost of consumables, fieldwork costs, training courses etc. The amount charged will be detailed in individual offer letters.

In exceptional circumstances schools have waived such fees, but this is at the discretion of the appropriate Head of School.

All such monies received are credited to a RTSG/Bench fee account under the student's name, with all expenditure relating to the student's study being debited against this account. Students are notified of their account numbers at the beginning of their studies.

Further details on the process for charging of bench fees against individual accounts can be obtained primary supervisors or the SCI Finance Team.

School specific funds

If no other source of funding is available then it might be possible to apply to your school for support. Each school has their own procedures, please see the individual entries below which give information on the appropriate points of contact:

School of Biological Sciences

Head of School Secretary

School of Chemistry

Primary supervisor

School of Computing Sciences 

Head of School Secretary

School of Environmental Sciences 

Complete an ‘Application for Financial Support' form and return it the School Manager, ENV

School of Mathematics 

Head of School Secretary

School of Pharmacy

Primary supervisor