The Norwich Research Park Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership (NRPDTP) is funded by the UKRI Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

Norwich Research Park offers a breadth and concentration of internationally recognised bioscience research, together with extensive research facilities and technology platforms, that is quite exceptional in the UK.

Three UKRI-BBSRC strategically supported research institutes: John Innes Centre, Earlham Institute and Quadram Institute Bioscience, together with The Sainsbury Laboratory and UEA, deliver cutting-edge research that addresses all UKRI-BBSRC’s priority research areas.

Our partners

Our partners are strongly committed to the development of outstanding bioscience doctoral graduates, with a balanced set of advanced research and professional transferable skills.

This will enable our graduates to secure high-skilled employment, across a range of different sectors, and thereby directly contribute to the achievement of academic, economic and societal impacts across the UK and beyond.

The single-site location of the NRPDTP allows the students to train as a cohort providing a variety of networking opportunities and creating a vibrant scientific community.

All our students undertake a workplace placement or internship during their four-year programme, providing direct experience of working in a professional environment.

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Current opportunities

Developing novel methods to watch membrane proteins move (MACMILLAN_U23CASE)

We study the architecture and functional dynamics of membrane proteins, especially many medically relevant membrane transport systems. There is increasing...

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How does dietary phytase improve animal nutrition? (BREARLEY_U23CASE)

Fungi are highly adaptable to their environment and produce a vast number of bioactive molecules when under stress.

These molecules not only provide...

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Pseudomonas biocontrol of kiwifruit canker: elucidating novel mechanisms of bioactivity (MALONE_J23CASE)

Primary Supervisor - Dr Jacob Malone

The bacterial disease kiwifruit canker...

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Identifying host genetic factors shaping rhizosphere microbiome during root disease (ARORA_J23CASE)

Primary Supervisor - Dr Sanu Arora

Legumes play an important role in the...

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Function follows (iso)form: Exploring functional diversity of isoform expression in single cells (MACAULAY_E21DTPR)

Primary Supervisor -

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