in the School of Engineering

Current research in Engineering falls into two areas: Advanced Materials and Sustainable Energy.

We're working on cutting-edge technologies that have important applications. 

These range from from the role of graphene in energy storage and water purification membranes, to next-generation of printing techniques and reliability of renewables, to optical fibre sensors, self-cleaning surfaces and efficient energy transport technologies.

As we continue to grow, we anticipate broadening this research portfolio to include other disciplines in Engineering.

Our primary research themes

Functional materials

  1. Graphene and nanostructured materials
  2. High-resolution drop-on-demand printing technology
  3. Electrospray deposition of functional materials
  4. Nanotechnology in photovoltaics and energy buildings
  5. Self-cleaning surfaces
  6. Phase-change on functional surfaces
  7. Efficient energy transport 
  8. Thin film deposition
  9. Optical fibre sensors and biosensors based on nanostructured coatings 


Modelling and Simulation in Engineering Systems 

  1. Optimisation-driven design
  2. Energy-efficient structures
  3. Low-speed impact analysis
  4. Solar radiation and PV performance prediction
  5. Modelling of light propagation across optical waveguides and optical fibre sensors behaviour


Low Carbon and Renewable Energy Systems

  1. Energy and fuels from biomass and waste
  2. Intelligent energy buildings
  3. Carbon recycling and carbon capture
  4. PV characterization, degradation and diagnostics