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Building a toxicological screen to predict drug-induced pulmonary hypertension (RANAA_U23MRC)

Supervisory team:

Dr Amer Rana

Dr Caroline Archer

Prof Grant Wheeler

Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a debilitating,...

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Interactions between dietary isothiocyanates and anti-cancer drug sorafenib in breast cancer (BAOY_U23MED204350)

High consumption of cruciferous vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. The protection has been attributed to high level of glucosinolates and their...

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Regulation of gene expression by the maternal contribution of modified RNAs during embryonic development (AKAY_U23DTPR)

Germline stem cells are essential for the survival of organisms by giving rise to offspring. Gene expression changes within the germ cells can affect...

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Identifying host genetic factors shaping rhizosphere microbiome during root disease (ARORA_J23CASE)

Primary Supervisor - Dr Sanu Arora

Legumes play an important role in the...

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How does dietary phytase improve animal nutrition? (BREARLEY_U23CASE)

Fungi are highly adaptable to their environment and produce a vast number of bioactive molecules when under stress.

These molecules not only provide...

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Algorithms to help make Darwin's dream a reality (HUBERK_U23CMP)

The emergence of antibiotics resistance in bacteria and new organisms such as the zika virus [i] has major ramifications for public health. An important...

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Developing machine learning methods to improve seabed mapping (MILNERB_U23CMP)

This PhD project is concerned with developing machine learning methods to improve the performance of seabed mapping within sonar-based systems. When surveying...

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Assessing the extinction risk and recovery potential of species with Deep Learning (WUT_U23CMP)

Deep learning, a powerful class of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, is emerging as a promising computational framework for inferring evolutionary...

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GPS/RTK Localization-based Agri-Robot for Precision Agri-tasks in Crop Fields (RENE_U23CMP)

Agricultural robots are widely used to tackle labour-intensive, repetitive, and physically demanding tasks. Precise localization and mapping are important to...

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Network meta-analysis of diagnostic test accuracy studies via factor copula mixed models (NIKOLOULOPOULA_U23CMP)

The identification of the most accurate diagnostic test for a particular disease contributes to the prevention of unnecessary risks to patients and healthcare...

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Computational identification of genomic threats pathogenetic bacteria using machine learning (MOULTONV_U23CMP)

Infectious diseases present a significant threat to the health of the UK population and economy, accounting for 1 in every 14 deaths and with overall annual...

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Improving diagnosis in dementia through analysing of longitudinal brain scans (MACKIEWICZM_U23CMP)

Dementia is the leading cause of death in the UK. The health and social care costs associated with severe cognitive decline surpass those of both cancer and...

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Subject-specific dynamic simulation of childbirth on the GPU (LAPEERR_U23CMP)

BirthView is a computer graphics-based simulator that is capable of visualising the complex process of childbirth in real-time. Besides computer graphics and...

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Interactive docking of flexible molecules in VR (HAYWARDS_U23CMP)

Interactive Molecular Docking tools put the user in charge of the process of bringing two molecules (e.g., a drug molecule and a protein) to their binding...

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Reading Between the Lines: Using NLP to understand online ideologies (BUCKLEYO_U23CMP)

As a society we have become increasingly reliant on the internet, driven in part by an increasing appetite for information whether that is news, access to...

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Automation of Home Spirometry Systems (AUNGH_U23CMP)

Spirometry is a breathing test used to investigate respiratory function and disease. However, it is not always possible to attend supervised clinics to where...

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