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Latest opportunities (2021)


Microplastics: All up in the air? (BAKERA_U21SCI50)

Scientific Background

Plastics, including microplastics (<5mm), are found in oceans globally, where there is much concern about possible harmful...

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Adapt or die: Understanding how bacterial biofilms evolve under stress (WEBBER_Q20DTPR2)

Most bacteria on earth exist within a biofilm; a community of aggregated cells. Biofilms are important in many industrial contexts and most bacterial...

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Monitoring of emerging contaminants in water using novel optical fibre sensors (HERNAEZM_U21SCIPVC)

Applications are invited to the School of Engineering, University of East Anglia, for a PhD in the field of optical fibre sensors based on nanostructured...

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Design and fabrication of ice-phobic and ice-shedding surfaces using digital manufacturing (ASKOUNISA_U21SCIPVC)

Ice accretion is detrimental to a number of areas from airplanes to wind turbines and power cables. Currently, methods to remove ice are either...

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Harnessing dithiolene ligands for CO2 activation (WRIGHTJ_U21SCIPVC)

The reasons for society to develop new ways of storing and transporting energy are very well established, with both environmental concerns and supply...

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Towards development of light-activated biotherapeutics (SACHEVAA_U21SCIPVC)

Over the last decade, several antibody-based biotherapeutics have been developed for treatment of cancer. These antibodies, often marketed as “targeted...

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Human In vitro model systems to better understand and manage lens fibrosis and tissue regeneration (WORMSTONEM_U21HRT)

Cataract, a clouding of the lens, renders millions blind throughout the world. At present the only means to treat this condition is by surgical intervention....

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Harnessing self-organisation in human retinal organoids (GROCOTTT_U21AMS)

The retina of the eye may be grown in the lab from pluripotent stem cells (Eiraku et al, 2011; Ali & Sowden, 2011). These synthetic retinas, or retinal...

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