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Model theory in positive logic (KIRBYJ_U23SF)

Model theory is traditionally done with “classical first-order logic”, the logic which allows unlimited use of the operators AND, OR, NOT, with the EXISTS and...

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Optical fiber sensors for remote monitoring of challenging contaminants in water (HERNAEZM_U23SF)

Applications are invited to the School of Engineering, University of East Anglia, for a PhD in the field of optical fibre sensors based on nanostructured...

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“Staggarenes” – synthesis of new extended aromatic materials (CAMMIDGEA_U23SF)

Extended aromatic systems are crucial organic materials and the general class includes discrete materials such as fullerenes through to high order 2D...

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Machine learning methods for the human microbiome (QUINCE_E21EPSRC)

This project based in Dr Quince’s group at the Earlham Institute will use machine...

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Exploring trade-offs and structural barriers to food and fuel security in older people (HANSONS_U22SF)

A member of the public, supported by one of our community partners said, “I can now put my heating on for longer and afford taxis to the doctors.  I can...

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The Origins and Development of the Cotton Collection at the British Library (ROEBUCK-U22AHRCCDP)

The University of East Anglia (UEA) and the British Library (BL) are pleased to announce the availability of a fully funded Collaborative doctoral studentship...

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Anticancer potentials of isothiocyanates, diterpenoids, and their molecular mechanisms of interactions

High consumption of cruciferous vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. This protection is attributed to high level of glucocinolates and their breakdown...

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Fake News and Misinformation during the COVID pandemic (HUNTERP_U22NIHRFMH)

Misinformation and fake news have had a substantial negative impact on the management and control of the current pandemic of COVID-19 and our own research has...

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