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A long (sequence) read: high throughput bacterial sequencing (LANGRIDGE_Q21DART)

In this project, Campylobacter and Salmonella isolates from diarrhoeal stool specimens will be investigated by applying high throughput HMW DNA extraction and...

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Enhancing pathogen detection with sweet peptide tools (MORRIS_U21DART)

Host-pathogen interactions often rely on the binding between a host glycan (sugar) to a sugar-binding protein (lectin). Bacteria such as Pseudomonas...

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Having your cake and eating it: Role of grain properties on digestibility & glyceamic response to sweet bakery products (EDWARDS_Q21CASEC)

Having your cake and eating it: Role of grain properties on digestibility and glyceamic response to sweet bakery products (EDWARDS_Q21CASEC)

With the...

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Design & fabrication of ice-phobic & ice-shedding surfaces using digital manufacturing (ASKOUNISA_U21SCIPVC)

Ice accretion is detrimental to a number of areas from airplanes to wind turbines and power cables. Currently, methods to remove ice are either...

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Monitoring of emerging contaminants in water using novel optical fibre sensors (HERNAEZM_U21SCIPVC)

Applications are invited to the School of Engineering, University of East Anglia, for a PhD in the field of optical fibre sensors based on nanostructured...

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Biochemical pathology of diabetes: Mechanisms of cysteine depletion during hyperglycaemia (HAMILTONC_U22SF)

In humans, the cysteine-containing tripeptide glutathione (GSH) is an essential thiol cofactor that maintains an intracellular reducing environment to protect...

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