Faculty of Arts and Humanities Grant Scheme Faculty of Arts and Humanities Grant Scheme

Please note: the University is currently restricting expenditure to “Essential” items only. Any proposals for expenditure until further notice must be approved both by the Faculty Associate Dean and the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Arts and Humanities. Until further notice, please only apply to the Faculty Grant Scheme for things you see as essential, and explicitly make the case for this in your application.

General Information

What types of grants are available?

There are three types of grants available:

  • Research Support Grant
  • Conference Grant
  • Engagement, Enterprise and Employability Grant

Each has different eligibility criteria and support different activities the Faculty believes are important. Please see the Guidance Notes for further details.

When is the application deadline?

There are 6 applications deadlines each year:

  • 15 September (formerly 1 September)
  • 01 November
  • 01 January
  • 01 March
  • 01 May
  • 01 July

Applications must be made and approved in advance of the activity.
Grants are awarded on a competitive basis.


Guidance Notes PDF format [185 KB]

Grant Application Form  Word format [21 KB]

Joint Grant Application Form Word format [21 KB]

Report Form Word format [13 KB]

Application Information FAQs

How do I apply?
Please first discuss your plans with your supervisor. Then you should prepare a statement giving details of the activity/conference/presentation, the paper (or equivalent) and how attendance will benefit your research.  Your supervisor must also prepare a statement stating why support should be given at this time.

Finally, complete a Grant Application Form and return the application form and the two statements to the Postgraduate Research Office. Please remember that you are applying for a grant on a competitive basis.

All applications should give a clear account of the benefit of the proposed activity to your research and School/Faculty priorities. Your application should be fully costed, well crafted, professional and presented to high standard. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.

When will I know?
We will normally inform you of our decision within 3 weeks of the relevant application deadline.

Will I need to prepare a report after the activity has taken place?
Yes, you must complete the Report Form. The report must contain a clear and full account of the benefits of the activity to your research.  Incomplete or inadequate reports will be returned for resubmission. Handwritten reports will not be accepted. Failure to provide a satisfactory report will automatically disqualify you from making future applications.

When/how will I be paid?
For any directly incurred costs, please complete a Student Expenses Claim Form – Form UEA 8 - you must include receipts/evidence of spend. If you incur costs in advance of the activity for which the grant is awarded - for example if you have to pay a Conference Fee, book rail or air travel, or arrange accommodation - you can submit a claim as soon as the expenditure is incurred, normally via one expenses claim form only (to avoid multiple claims). Expenditure which has not yet been incurred, for example car travel, local travel fares, cannot be claimed in advance.

You can submit your expenses claim form either in hard copy, delivered to the HUM Graduate School within the PGR Service, or via email (from your UEA email account) copied to your Primary Supervisor for information. In either case please provide a cover note or email making clear the activity for which you are claiming reimbursement.  Payment is normally made within 3 weeks of the Postgraduate Research Office receiving your Claim Form and Report form and is made directly into your UK bank account.

Any remaining expenditure should be claimed back via the return of an Expenses Claim Form accompanying your Report Form (see above). Payment will not be authorised until the report has been completed satisfactorily.

Please note that if you currently hold an unpaid debt with the University, the funds from this scheme will be deducted from your debt total.

How often can I apply?
One application per student will be considered each academic year - priority will be given to students who have not previously received a Grant.

What happens if I interrupt my studies?

Your application will be suspended during your period of interruption to your studies, and you will need to submit another application when you return.

What happens if I want to make a change to the activity?

Once a grant has been approved, you must inform i) the PGR Service (via humgrad.school@uea.ac.uk) and ii) your supervisor as soon as there is a significant change of circumstances, for example if you want to make significant changes to the activity for which the grant was awarded. The PGR Service will advise as to whether it is necessary for the Associate Dean for PGR to approve proposed changes. Agreement must be secured in such a case BEFORE money is spent.


I want to promote my name and research. Does the Grant Scheme cover this?

The Faculty can subsidise the cost of 100 University-branded cards if you are involved in conferences, research trips and public engagement work. Terms and conditions apply. Application form (PDF, 345 KB).

Your School Office may be able to help promote your name and research through its School web pages. Please contact your School Office for further details.