Our policies are formulated to ensure we meet operational best practice and meet our legal requirements across the key areas of the University.


We are also registered with the Office for Students as our regulatory body for higher education. Please find below a library of university policies. If you are unable to find any policy information that you are looking for please feel free to request it from us.


Academic Services


General Academic Regulations

The UEA Calendar contains the following regulations:

  • Enrolling on modules

  • Assessment

  • Academic appeals and complaints

  • Equal opportunities

  • Discipline and professional misconduct and unsuitability

Student Services


General student regulations

The UEA Calendar contains the following regulations:

  • Admission requirements for UG and PGT programmes

  • General regulations for students

  • Submission of work for assessment

  • Student accommodation

  • Disciplinary

  • Complaints

Undergraduate and postgraduate admissions

Student Support and Wellbeing 

  • Mental Health Strategy

  • Mental Health Policy

  • Code of Professional Practice

  • Confidentiality and Data Protection

  • Statement of Service

  • Student Alcohol Policy

  • Guidance for Students for supporting statements for concession requests

  • Missing Students Procedure

Estate and Property


Equality and Diversity


Finance and Procurement


Governing Bodies


Health and Safety


Human Resources and Recruitment




Information and Data


Research Policy, Conduct and Strategy


Open Access and Research Data Management


Social Media




IT Systems and Computer Use


Peer Observation