Title Primary Supervisor Application Deadline Funding Type Subject Area
Analytical chemistry in near-space: Exploring the stratosphere and its role in global climate (LAUBE_U17ERC) Dr Johannes Laube 31 Mar 2017 Funded Studentship
Understanding controls on oxygen deficits in UK waters using a community ecosystem model and isotopic tools (CLARK_PML17iNERC) Dr James Clark 22 Jan 2017 Funded Studentship
Life and environment during rapid warming 56 million years ago: A geological analogue for the future (PEDENTCHOUK_U17SF) Dr Nikolai Pedentchouk 30 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Democratic innovations: Assessing new approaches for mapping public involvement in controversial science and technology issues (CHILVERS_U17SF) Dr Jason Chilvers 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Energy and society in ‘whole systems’ perspective: Cultivating ecologies of participation (HARGREAVES_U17SF) Dr Tom Hargreaves 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Climate governance and policy: new sources of innovation in an era of polycentricity (JORDAN_U17SF) Professor Andrew Jordan 31 May 2017 PGR Opportunity
Molecular ecology of isoprene degrading bacteria: a missing link in the global isoprene cycle (MURRELL_U16ERC2) Prof Colin Murrell 31 Jan 2017 Funded Studentship
Novel biological mechanisms for the degradation of isoprene: a much neglected climate-active gas (MURRELL_U16ERC1) Prof Colin Murrell 31 Jan 2017 Funded Studentship
 PhD opportunities in Environmental Sciences for self-funding and international students 01 Jan 2020 PGR Opportunity