Management Consultancy Projects Management Consultancy Projects

Module organiser: Julian Campbell


Management Consultancy Skills is an integrative module in the second year of the Executive MBA in terms of knowledge application (offering opportunities to apply previously taught material) and as a personal development exercise (reflecting on the experience within teams and project management). The module offers a practical approach to the application of a set of concepts and skills relevant to management consultancy.

When used in this context this knowledge has application both in external consultancy (for those considering a career in this arena) and internal consultancy (for those interested in working in a consultancy capacity within their employing organisations).  Although the core context is management consultancy this module is essentially about the ability to address high level problems within an organisation whether as a consultant or an employee. 

In addition to two consultancy projects (one in an international environment) with ‘live' clients, delivered within a taught framework of management consultancy,  students deliver  a Reflection (using models of reflective practice) and produce a Personal Development Plan (PDP)  that build to a significant individual piece of work at the end of the year.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the consultancy process and roles within it
  2. Application of client management and ethics during management consultancy activities
  3. Working within an international environment and learning to adjust to an unfamiliar economic, social and culturally context
  4. Exposure to, and effective use of, a set of analytical consultancy tools and techniques
  5. Understand, and apply, the fundamentals of facilitation skills and consultative workshops
  6. Apply project and programme management skills in consultancy activities
  7. Utilise information gathering and research methods approaches to support consultancy activities
  8. Development of interpersonal and communications skills

Learning Outcomes

  1. Devise an appropriate consultancy intervention
  2. Understand client needs and negotiate a proposal from a client brief
  3. Work within a group towards a successful consultancy outcome
  4. Work credibly and ethically within a client context
  5. Work within an international environment
  6. Integrate and utilise a range of tools and techniques to research and analyse a client problem
  7. Gather and evaluate information relevant to the client problem
  8. Present and communicate findings, conclusions and recommendations
  9. Manage time, people and other resources within a defined timescale
  10. Reflect on the  learning experience of the consultancy  projects

Please note: This information is subject to review and change without notice.