Full-Time MBA - Course Profile Full-Time MBA - Course Profile

Modules Credits Compulsory or Optional
Accounting and Financial Analysis 10 Compulsory
Corporate Responsibility 10 Compulsory
Customer Focus and Digital Marketing 10 Compulsory
Digital Systems and Technologies 10 Compulsory
International Economic Environment 10 Compulsory
Investment Appraisal and Valuation 10 Compulsory
Leading and Changing Organisations 10 Compulsory
Management Consultancy Projects 40 Compulsory
Marketing Strategy 10 Compulsory
Operations, Process and Service Management 10 Compulsory
Strategic Human Resource Management 10 Compulsory
Strategy 10 Compulsory
Entrepreneurship 10 Optional
Sustainable Management 10 Optional
Brand Now 10 Brand Leadership Stream
Consumer Brand Behaviour 10 Brand Leadership Stream
Corporate Finance 10 Economic and Finance Stream
Economic and Business Forecasting 10 Economic and Finance Stream

Please note: Although every effort is made to provide the full range of modules, some combinations may not be possible, and in some years certain modules may not be available.