Corporate Responsibility Corporate Responsibility

Module organiser: Prof Andy Wood


Prompted by customer demand, together with new legislation, an increasing number of companies have started developing programmes that limit their impact on the environment and society. In this module, you will learn about business ethics, the corporate responsibility issues companies face, and how these issues can be managed to maximise value and minimise risk.

Aims and Objectives

On completion of the module, you will understand:

  • The relationship between corporate responsibility, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

  • Different ethical frameworks used to explain the relationship between ethics and business

  • The main corporate responsibility issues and how they can be identified and prioritised

  • The standards, frameworks and principles associated with corporate responsibility

  • The different approaches that can be used to manage corporate responsibility.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students will be able to:

You will develop an understanding of the ethical role corporations can play in creating a socially and environmentally sustainable world, together with the ability to identify and prioritise the specific responsibilities that a corporation faces. Using globally recognised standards, you will have learned how to analyse performance, and measure and report corporate responsibility issues.


Please note: This information is subject to review and change without notice.