Research topics and how to find out more Research topics and how to find out more

The School of Mathematics has strong research groups in pure and applied mathematics and accepts a number of students for PhD research degrees each year. Several fully funded studentships are available on a competitive basis, and we also welcome applications from students with their own funding.

Our Faculty members have a range of interests and are more than happy to discuss possible projects with potential students. On the applied side we have members interested in fluid dynamics, mechanics of solids, geophysical fluid dynamics, mathematical biology, and quantum fluids. On the pure side, we have members conducting research in group theory, number theory, combinatorics, model theory, set theory and representation theory.

Research Topics & Projects

For details of the faculty members and their research interests, please see our research pages. Our staff would be happy to talk to potential PhD students and dicuss possible projects with them.

There is also a list of currently Advertised PhD Projects in Mathematics that potential students should consult. Depending on the time of year, there is usually a mix of projects with funding attached and also projects for students that have their own funding already.

A number of mathematically-orientated projects (with funding) are also available through the Environment East Doctoral Training Partnership.

Applications and Enquiries

Candidates for graduate study are normally expected to have a British honours degree or international equivalent. More precise requirements and any particular conditions for entry may be specified for individual projects.

International candidates are also required to provide evidence of a good command of English if that is not their first language.

For general mathematics admissions queries, please contact Dr. Vanessa Miemietz (Graduate Admissions Officer).