Taking The Strain

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    We use mathematics to solve more than just equations; we are able to use mathematics to work out practical challenges.

    water filled bag used as weight

    Mathematics can be an indispensable tool for solving large-scale practical problems. As researchers at our University, we frequently work with industrial partners to help them address particular issues.


    We worked with a UK-based company, Structure Flex, which designs water bags used to carry out safety tests on cranes. The company was designing a new 100 tonne bag and wanted to calculate the stresses that would be exerted on the fabric of the bag and its supports when it was filled with water. Our researchers calculated the longitudinal stresses on the bag caused by the supporting slings, and the horizontal stresses caused by the water itself. 


    The company was then able to feed this information into the design process, enabling it to make some crucial changes that would result in a water bag that can withstand the pressure of 100 tonnes of water. 


    Richard Purvis

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