Danger on the seas


    Our research has developed approaches and algorithms to help assess the risk to ships from slamming events.

    These occur when the hull of a ship slams the surface of the water, or when a wave slams into a ship.

    In either case, slamming can cause catastrophic damage. Large ships and offshore structures are at serious risk of damage from severe wave events in rough waters.

    Accurate simulation of slamming events

    Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) codes to accurately simulate slamming events demands high resolution over very short timescales and small lengthscales, both of which present major challenges.

    We have thoroughly revised previous wave-slamming models by taking a robust, simplified approach that skirts the issues presented by full CFD calculations, but nevertheless offers great insight into the dynamics for a wide range of conditions at minimal computational cost.

    Our research has guided the technical development of slamming models that are currently used by our industrial partners on a daily basis.