The UEA maps collection The UEA maps collection

Increasingly, maps are available online, although some, like geological, admiralty charts, soil maps and land-use maps, are not so readily available. These, and others, are accessible in the Map Room, and there are occasions where a complete map is preferred to an electronic image.

The map collection comprises some 35,000 maps covering Norfolk and East Anglia at various scales dating back to 1797, the British Isles at medium scales and the World at smaller scales. The maps cover the spectrum of interests of environmental scientists. The latest major revisions of Ordnance Survey and British Geological Society maps are available, and Admiralty charts covering British inshore waters.

Map coverage in the Library reflects current and past research localities in Britain and worldwide.

The collection of aerial photographs has been significantly added to by coverage of the East Anglian coast. The Environment Agency has deposited contact prints covering the coast from the Humber to the Thames for the period 1988 – 2002, and digital files 2009 and 2010 (while there are gaps, it is still a significant resource).

Some maps and aerial photographs are also held in digital formats on CD ROM, or are downloaded under licence from remote sites.

There are information sheets on cartographic topics: if you are unsure about OS grid references or unclear about UTM help is available. The links pages also point the way to useful sites.

The map catalogue is online and is searchable.

The aerial photography collection has coverage of Norfolk and the East Anglian coastline – see online spreadsheet and/or yearly maps for coastal coverage. Virtually all prints are vertical images, with the older ones being black & white and the more recent colour.

The European Meteorological Bulletin is archived in ENV (since 2001 on CD ROM); also the British Daily Weather Report / Summary from 1930 to 1996. An email in advance of a visit to the Map Room will allow relevant Bulletins/Reports to be brought to the Map Room for use.

The Map Room is located on Floor 3 of the School of Environmental Sciences via the lift

The collection is primarily for reference, but folded maps may be borrowed by members of ENV for up to four weeks. Members of other schools are welcome to use the Map Room and may be able to borrow maps in certain circumstances. All loans must be recorded. Maps may be recalled if required by someone else.

To contact the Map Curator: email:
or telephone: +44 (0)1603 593850; 0830-1700hrs, Monday - Friday

Please ensure all map requests are made a week in advance of the date required, the map collection is now co-ordinated by the Env Teaching technicians, this will allow them time to deal with your request.


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