The Henry Wellcome Laboratory for Cell Imaging was made possible by the award of £1.2 million from the Joint Infrastructure Fund administered by The Wellcome Trust.

Subsequently in 2010 and 2019, the laboratory received a further £1 million to purchase a multi-photon microscope and a super-resolution confocal microscope. The facility consists of two components:

1) The Imaging laboratory which contains seven fluorescence microscopes that produce high quality images for the study of cells and tissues at the molecular level.

2) The Analysis suite which is a dedicated facility for multi-user image analysis, 3D-reconstruction, deconvolution and archiving.

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How to book


Bookings can be made for all microscopes using the PPMS booking system. Check the availability of the microscopes on the upcoming bookings schedule.

Access to the booking system is gained by choosing the appropriate login button, and then entering your username and password. If you are not registered on the system you will need to make an "Account creation request". Individual users will only have access to the particular systems for which they have been approved. To gain approval you will have to undergo a training session on the system with Paul Thomas, facility manager. Requests for training can also be made on the PPMS system. The Imaging lab and Analysis suite are protected by security codes which will only be given to approved users. We trust that all users will keep these codes safe, and not pass them on to anyone that has not been properly trained/approved.


Booking system



Those of you in the Faculty of Science (UEA) who cannot afford the full Economic Cost (fEC) may request access to the Imaging laboratory at the Direct Cost (DC) rate using this form. Applications will be reviewed at the Faculty of Science Research Executive, which meets every two months. Please note that access to the Imaging laboratory at subsidized-DC rates will only be granted in circumstances where (1) usage capacity exists within the facility, (2) the applicant is clearly seeking funding from external sources, and/or (3) evidence is provided that there will be a clear return on investment. It is expected that subsidized access will only be provided in one-off situations, such as to generate pilot data for a significant grant application, or to complete an important piece of research. Completed forms will require the input of the facility manager, and should then be sent to your Director of Research.