Access several sets of aerial photos Access several sets of aerial photos

The aerial photograph collection is largely made up of contact prints – the older ones being black & white, with more recent ones in colour. They are vertical air photos using the standard overlap unless specified otherwise. Coastal coverage ranging from the Humber to the Thames has been enhanced, with photographs deposited by the Environment Agency. Inland coverage is, however, quite sparse. Index maps can be viewed here or the contact print collection can be viewed here.

If requesting access to photographs, please email giving location details including year, box letter and run.

In addition, there are several sets of digital aerial photographs, including:

  • Millennium Map, 2000, colour, digital on CD-ROM
  • Coastline of East Anglia from Holme to Walton-on-the-Naze
  • Coastline from Walton-on-the-Naze to North Kent
  • Norfolk Broads and Yare & Waveney Valleys: 1:10K
  • Norwich (2003): 1:5K
  • Norfolk  (2003): 1:5K
  • Suffolk  (2003): 1:5K
  • Essex  (2003): 1:5K
  • Cambridgeshire  (2003): 1:5K
  • Lincolnshire  (2003): 1:5K all on individual ‘High in the Sky' CD-ROMs
  • England (‘High in the Sky' DVD)
  • Norwich 1937 (Simmons Aerofilms)
  • King's Lynn 1935 (Simmons Aerofilms)