Go Global Go Global

Volunteering overseas is very different from volunteering in the UK. Opportunities overseas include working holidays, developmental work experience or travel and work combinations. They are offered by both profit making and non-profit making organisations, and you often have to make some kind of financial contribution to take part.

All of this means we think it’s important that you have the full picture, so we have written resources, as well as links to specialist organisations who offer advice. If you want to read in more depth about the issues involved in volunteering overseas please follow the links below.

At CareerCentral we only advertise overseas volunteering opportunities with charities and non-profit organisations who have provided further information around costs, health and safety, ethics and further information/support. These opportunities appear in the Vacancy Search on MyCareerCentral. Just select ‘Volunteering’ under type of work and either add ‘Global’ into location and/or select ‘International’ under location. 

If you are interested in working, rather than volunteering, overseas please vist our Global Opportunities pages.