Studying Economics at UEA is a great way to set yourself up for a successful career after graduation.

Economics is a subject with a whole range of real-life applications, which is why we offer different programmes with a great selection of optional modules, which can lead you into a variety of careers.

Our curriculum is designed to offer an ideal combination of academic rigour and real-world relevance that enables you to sharpen your powers of reason whilst also preparing you for a life beyond university. These characteristics – academic excellence and practical application – are the guiding principles of all our programmes.

Our programmes also offer a balanced assessment structure involving innovative assessments that build a wide range of valuable skills and attributes highly valued by employers. We don’t just have our students write essays, we train them to write business reports, policy briefs and blogs. We help students develop and conduct extended data projects, deliver presentations, and participate in debates.

Alongside this we work closely with a dedicated careers advisor to offer students internships and placements, talks from external speakers from various sectors, and advise on how to secure your dream graduate position.

For further information:

Employability Director: Andrea Calef

Associate Director of Employability: Rui Silva

Placements Director: Peter Dawson

Career Adviser: Astra Richardson