How to enrol on PPD courses How to enrol on PPD courses

There is not a deadline by which you must register for courses in the SCI PPD programme. However, you should take into account that some courses have restricted numbers and some are very popular. Hence we recommend that you register as far in advance as possible. Registering well in advance also helps  ensure that you are informed about any change of time or venue and about any pre-preparation that you need to do or anything that you need to bring to the session. 

Students can enrol themselves on most PPD sessions through the Student Portal

Find out more about our PPD programmes, including a handy step-by-step guide to self-enrolment.

Please treat your training in a professional manner. Before booking, please check that you have no other commitments that would prevent you from attending the whole session or course. By booking a training session, you are committing to attending all of it. Full engagement with training sessions is expected. If you are unable to attend the full session it is at the discretion of the session leader whether you will obtain credit or not. 

It is your responsibility to keep a note of your enrolment including the date, time and venue of the course. A reminder is generally sent a week or so before the date of the session but is not guaranteed. If you get the reminder but can no longer attend, please inform the Postgraduate Research (PGR) Office as this will allow us to offer your place to someone else. We recognise that unforeseen circumstances may arise that mean that you have to cancel attendance at a PPD activity at the last minute. If possible, please contact the PGR Office ahead of the session to let them know that you will not be able to attend so that they can inform the session leader. 

If you wish to attend a training session at short notice, please contact the PGR Office who can advise if it is still possible for you to attend. Session leaders take numbers registered into account in session planning, including preparing resources.  Hence it can cause problems for them and for other students if you turn up unexpectedly.