To do before you arrive

  • Complete online registration as soon as you receive the email asking you to do so (this should be around 30 days before your course is due to start). You will need this to access new student information on My UEA. Learn more about registration
  • Once registered, start using your UEA email account straight away. Your new UEA email address can be accessed via My UEA. You will already start to see emails from UEA via this account, including information on how to access your timetable.
  • Put your arrival date in your diary! For Undergraduates and Postgraduates on taught degrees your arrival dates will be on your School’s MyUEA induction pages. If you live on campus the accommodation office will email you this information.
  • Check your School MyUEA pages for information on your new course and induction events planned for you
  • Apply to Student Finance and/or secure your funding
  • Arrange payment of your tuition (if not fully funded) and accommodation fees (if living in UEA accommodation) via Online Registration. 
  • Completed the upload photo task, as part of your online registration, to ensure that your campus card is pre-printed. You will need this card for building access to the library, on-site accommodation rooms, Sportspark and some lab spaces. If you have an issue uploading your photo for your campus card, please visit our photo upload help page.
  • Check out  Information for New Students to find out what type of laptop or desktop to bring for your studies and about how to get connected to the UEA networks when you arrive.  

International students:

  • Apply for your visa to study in the UK. Please do this as early as possible to ensure you can arrive at UEA on time. 
  • Complete the Online Registration as above but remember that you will need to complete a second stage of registration when you arrive before your registration is fully complete. 

Postgraduate Researchers:

Students with disabilities

  • UK Students: Apply to Student Finance or NHS Bursaries for your Disabled Students’ Allowance
  • Complete the forms: Information and Disclosure Form (all applicants), Notification of  Medical Condition (if relevant to you), Personal  Emergency Evacuation Plan (if relevant to you)  and send to

To bring with you

  • Bring some identification documents and your UK National Insurance number, if you have one. If you think you might want to do some part-time work while you’re here, you’ll need to prove your right to work in the UK. This might be a passport or birth certificate (N.B. unfortunately a driving licence is not sufficient)
  • If your religion means you don’t study or sit exams on any particular day, email the Director of Academic Services (
  • If you are in UEA Accommodation, bring your offer letter. Printing and signing a copy of the licence will speed up key collection
  • Certificates for qualifications (if you didn’t apply through UCAS) and any other documents you need to register on your course 
  • Enough money for your first few days – before your student loan clears or you are able to open a bank account 
  • Your UEA IT username and password you generated when completing online registration. You will need this a lot, especially to access all IT Services, including campus wired and wireless networks, the virtual learning environment, computer labs and email services. 
  • Don’t forget to have your student number handy too, you will need this a lot, during your studies. 

International students (including EU):

  • Bring your passport, visa and the decision letter you received after your immigration permission was granted 
  • Bring any documents listed on your CAS 
  • Please retain evidence of your travel to and entry into the UK (tickets, boarding cards, etc.) We may ask to see these. 

To do when you get to UEA

  • Register with a doctor 
  • If you live off campus, register with your local council (e.g. Norwich City Council) for council tax exemption (eligible for full time students) 
  • Attend your School or Graduate School and other induction events.  These will appear on your timetable 
  • Take a campus tour 
  • Visit our IT Checklist for New and Returning Students to find out how to access all IT Services, including connecting to the wireless network when you arrive at UEA. You’ll need your UEA username and password to access this checklist. 

Collect your campus card

  • Students in university accommodation: campus cards will be in their Accommodation pack so long as they completed the campus card task as part of online registration
  • Students not in university accommodation or who arrive after start of semester campus cards can be collected from the ITCS kiosks in the Meadow building in Norfolk Terrace(what 3 words logic.wire.area). Students will need to look for the blue IT signage as the kiosks are accessed by walking onto the grassed area outside the Meadow building. This service operates 9-5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Students with mobility issues who need to access in person support should follow the accessible route magenta IT signage to be served at IT Service Point on the walkway (what 3 words clear.ranch.sparks)
  • Students on courses with face to face teaching starting before 20 September: campus cards will be distributed to students in their first induction/teaching session. This will only apply where arrangements have been made by the relevant courses to have cards printed in advance of the start date

International students (including EU)

  • You will receive an email advising you on how to complete part 2 of your registration. Please follow these instructions as quickly as you can after you arrive