UEA Staff Pride Network is a safe space for staff who identify as LGBT+ to socialise and help inform and influence UEA policy and actions around issues relevant to LGBT+ people. The network is well-established and has been up and running for over ten years, representing a diverse and vibrant community of staff who are always keen to welcome new members.

We would love to showcase some of our UEA Staff Pride members, who have stepped up as LGBT+ representatives. Here, colleagues share what their particular LGBT+ identity means to them, and their experience in life both within and outside of UEA.

If you would like to join our friendly and supportive LGBT+ network, please get in touch via equality@uea.ac.uk

Photo of Kit Rackley

Kit Rackley (they/them)

Sharon Weekley

Sharon Weekley (she/her)

Lisa Richards with child

Lisa Richards (she/her)

Emma Elliott

Emma Elliott (she/her or they/them)

Mark Hoar

Mark Hoar (he/him)

Hannah Clarke

Hannah Clarke (she/her)