Lisa Richards (she/her)

Lisa Richards with child

Growing Up

I feel lucky that while I was growing up, I was never concerned by my sexuality. I’d been told that some people are attracted to the opposite sex, and some to the same sex, and that there wasn’t any problem with that (though apparently David Bowie was just confused…) so when I realised that, unlike my classmates, I didn’t like Sporty Spice because I wanted to be her, I knew that I liked girls and boys, and everything in between. It wasn’t something I talked about to anyone until college though, and it was so liberating being open. Then my sister lent me But I’m a Cheerleader…

Lisa Richards with child at pride march

Working at UEA

There’s this idea that once you’ve come out, you’re out for life, but if you move home or change jobs then that’s not necessarily the case. I don’t tend to talk about my sexuality at work, and I assume it’s assumed that I’m straight because I have a husband. Being somewhere with such a visible and active Staff Pride community has been fantastic though, and made me realise I want to be involved and celebrate this part of me. I’m also really keen on working towards equality for all, so if my involvement can help anyone else in any way then that would be great.



After having my daughter, I reassessed what my identity means to me, and whether my sexuality was still relevant anymore in a monogamous heterosexual marriage. I realised that yes, it is, and that I wanted to be more involved in LGBTQ+ representation. I still don’t mention my orientation to friends or family, but I have a wonderful husband who is fully supportive, as well as my sister and sister-in-law.


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