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The research conducted at the John Innes Centre has impact on a global scale. Our students are part of a community whose innovative aims, goals and research has ground breaking influences on people’s lives. We strive for excellence in our research and students who choose to pursue their research at the John Innes Centre are supported with excellent supervisory support, a fantastic training programme, state of the art facilities and a strong vibrant community.

Pursuing postgraduate research at the John Innes Centre will place you in an enriching environment offering excellent, up-to-date research and training facilities and opportunities for outreach, enterprise and innovation.  Young researchers have a highly valued input into our research environment which is reflected in the high percentage of students authoring quality research papers and continuing with academic research beyond their graduation.

Applications are invited from students who wish to self-fund or who are applying for scholarships to fund their postgraduate research degree.

We welcome applications from students who have or hope to gain scholarships or wish to self-fund their studies. The first step is to identify a research area and if possible a potential supervisor by visiting the John Innes Centre. The second step is to complete an application form and propose the area of research you are interested in.



If no results are displayed please check back later. Opportunities are listed as soon as they become available.