10% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount Scheme

Postgraduate Taught Scholarship

10% Alumni Tuition Fee Discount Scheme

We highly value our alumni at UEA, so a 10% fee reduction scholarship is available to graduates looking to stay with us or return for postgraduate study.

Just graduated with a 1st class degree? Take a look at our Undergraduate Continuation Scholarship​ for a 50% fee reduction.

Type of Course

  • Postgraduate Taught

Funding Type

  • Tuition Fees

Number Available per Year


Years Available

  • 2020
  • 2021


  • UEA Alumni
  • Self Funded


  • Any


Postgraduate taught - excluding PGCE, MBA, foundation, pre‐Masters, postgraduate certificate or postgraduate diploma programmes

Country / Region

  • Any

Applicant’s Nationality

  • Any

Country of Domicile

  • Any

Further Criteria

You are and will remain self-funded for the duration of an eligible programme.

Application Process

Provided we are satisfied that you meet our eligibility criteria, we will automatically apply the Scholarship to your student account to reduce your tuition fees.

Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions