Fashion victims

Fashion Victims

Unethical fashion practices can leave whole communities without clean water. UEA International Development graduate Jonathan Mitchell is taking them down, one t-shirt at a time.

Brothers We Stand is a retail platform for menswear brands with great design and game changing ethics.  The company was formed by UEA international development graduate Jonathan Mitchell who was able to use his academic background in supply chain management and social impact to create this menswear retailer for the future.

Every product on his site has a footprint tab, detailing its social and environmental impact. Brothers We Stand only supports brands that pay a living wage to the people who make the clothes to help ensure they have access to food, healthcare and perhaps even some leisure activities. By working with brands that have strong waste management systems the company can help ensure water sources are preserved and that their local communities enjoy better health.

Jonathan said ‘We set up Brothers We Stand because we love menswear and have a vision for a sustainable future where brilliant products are made in a conscious way.’

Jonathan recognises that no brands supply chain is perfect but through the ‘product footprints’ the consumer is able to see an honest and balanced summary of the social and environmental impacts of the items they sell.

How will you make a difference?

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