Accessing appropriate training and claiming credits Accessing appropriate training and claiming credits

Local training is provided by the Faculty and your home School, although you are also welcome to attend events organised elsewhere in the University or beyond. Many of the training events organised by other Universities can be accessed via the National Centre for Research Methods (or NCRM) website. Make sure you check this site regularly for potential training opportunities. There are also lots of talks/seminars held at UEA each week, which are typically advertised on the many plasma screens around the campus, so keep an eye out here too. Attending research seminars, an NCRM session, sessions on a UEA Masters course, a research conference, organising a research event, committee membership, and so on, all qualify as training activities and you can claim for credits for your attendance by submitting a Confirmation of Activity Form to the PGR Office.

Please note, however, that there are some limits on the credits that can be awarded. For example, you can attend as many Master's courses as are recommended by your supervisory team, but you will only be credited for such attendance once per year of study and up to a maximum of 7.5 training credits over your full period of study. You will also never be awarded more than 5.0 credits for any single training activity. This is to ensure that the training and development you complete captures a sensible breadth of research and transferable skills.

Obviously, you might also learn and develop such skills through practice, activity or experience, not just through formal training sessions. It is possible, for example, to develop new skills whilst teaching or during publication of a paper. In these cases, you can claim for credits using a Reflective Report Form. This form requires that you write a short report reflecting on the completed event/activity and which benchmarks the skills learned and/or developed against the Researcher Development Framework (RDF).

Instructions for completing a reflective report form - this form requires that you write a short report reflecting on the completed event/activity and which benchmarks the skills learned and/or developed against the Researcher Development Framework (RDF).

For some guidance regarding the number of credits to claim in a particular case please see the attached training credit claim document, or for personal advice on the process of submitting training credit claim forms, please contact the PGR Training Coordinator (

Faculty Training Provision

The Faculty provides two main training platforms for PGR students, the Personal and Professional Development (or PPD) provision and the Advanced Training (or AT) programme. The former primarily offers core training in research and transferable skills, but it also provides some selected coverage of research methods. Events on the latter programme typically provide training in subject-specific and/or theoretical issues, research skills and occasionally research methods, all delivered at an advanced level.

Personal & Professional Development (PPD) Training

Here is a chronological list of all the events on the SSF PPD Programme for 2016-17. This year, the Faculty will also be running some of its PPD training events online, on Wednesday evenings between 7-9pm, using virtual classroom software. Here is the brochure for the UEA/SeNSS Online Training Series for 2016-17. The university PPD Directory or ‘Module Catalogue' can be accessed via the following link: The catalogue lists all the training events offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences (SSF), as well as those provided by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (HUM), Medicine and Health Sciences (FMH) and Science (SCI). There are a large number of sessions each year, led by experienced academics and/or the University support services (including the Careers Service, the Library, the Student Support Service and the Centre for Staff Education & Development). You are welcome to attend sessions organised by any of the Faculties. To avoid disappointment, however, we recommend that you check the personal relevance of a particular session with the module leader before signing up.

The PPD Module Catalogue allows you to search for available modules using a range of criteria such as faculty, topic, RDF domain, and so on. It also classifies sessions under a range of broad topic areas, like communication skills, research methods and career planning, as well as indicating (for guidance purposes only) whether a particular session might benefit you most in year one, two or three. Students can enrol themselves on taught PPD sessions through the Student Portal.

If you are having problems enrolling on a particular session please contact the PGR Service (please see the PGR Service webpage for full contact details)

Provided your attendance at a PPD training session has been recorded, the appropriate number of training credits will be added to your record automatically (and without further action on your part). Most PPD sessions are worth either 0.5 or 1.0 training credit dependent upon their duration. The training credit value of each session is clearly indicated on the module catalogue.

The SSF Advanced Training Programme

The Social Sciences Faculty at UEA provides an annual programme of Advanced Training Events for the benefit of PGR students across Britain and Europe, as well as interested academic staff and early career researchers. The sessions are usually of one or two days in duration. These sessions are free to PGR students at UEA (and also to PGR students at Essex, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Reading, Royal Holloway, Goldsmiths, Roehampton, & City University), £30 per day for PGR students from other institutions and £60 per day for all other attendees. Here is the brochure for the SSF Advanced Training Programme 2017.

Provided your attendance at an advanced training session has been recorded (i.e. you have signed the register), the appropriate number of training credits will be added to your record automatically (and without further action on your part).

School Training Provision

Your home School will also provide some relevant PGR training provision, often featuring a weekly or bi-weekly research seminar series led by academics from UEA and/or senior academics invited from other institutions. They may also have relevant Master's provision which you can attend. Sometimes they will also organise special, one-off training sessions for postgraduate students. Details of your School provision can be accessed via your supervisory team and/or through your School PGR Director. The PGR Directors for the various Schools and their contact details are as follows:

You will need to claim training credits for any School based training events you have attended using a Confirmation of Activity Form (as described above).

If you are having any problems accessing appropriate training or you would like to discuss your own training needs, please feel free to contact Dr Simon Watts, the PGR Training Coordinator for SSF (, who will be happy to help.