2014/15 Research Seminar Series Programme 2014/15 Research Seminar Series Programme

Wednesday 15 October | JSC 1.03 | 4pm

Dr Jon Simons (University of Cambridge)

"The subjective experience of remembering"


Wednesday 29 October | JSC 2.02 | 4pm

Dr Atsushi Senju (Birkbeck University of London)

"The eye contact effect: mechanism and development"


Wednesday 12 November | TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Dr Tom Hartley (University of York)

"There are places I remember"


Wednesday 26 November | JSC 1.02 | 4pm

Professor Lorraine Tyler (University of Cambridge)

"From perception to conception: object processing in the ventral stream"


Wednesday 10 December | JSC 1.03 | 4pm

Dr Kinga Morsanyi (Queen's University Belfast)

"Time perspectives and decision making: The case of adolescents from children's homes"


Wednesday 14 January | JSC 2.03 | 4pm

Catia Malvaso (University of Adelaide)

"Predictors of child injury in biological and stepfamilies"


Wednesday 21 January | JSC 1.03 | 4pm

Dr Gustav Kuhn (Goldsmiths, University of London)

"The science of magic: What can misdirection tell us about attention and awareness"


Wednesday 4 February | JSC 1.03 | 4pm

Professor Susan Ayers (City University London)

"PTSD in pregnancy and after birth"


Wednesday 4 March | JSC 1.03 | 4pm

Professor Karen Douglas (University of Kent)

"Belief in conspiracy theories: Correlates, causes and consequences"


Wednesday 18 March | JSC 1.03 | 4pm

Professor Rupert Brown (University of Sussex)

"From both sides now: Perpetrator and victim responses to intergroup transgressions"


Wednesday 1 April | JSC 2.02 | 4pm

Dr Robin Campbell (University of Stirling)

"Some Puzzles in Children's Drawing Research"


Wednesday 6 May | TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Professor Paul Downing (Bangor University)

"Perceiving people and their actions"


Wednesday 20 May | JSC 2.02 | 4pm

Professor Josef Perner (University of Salzburg) 

"Mental files in development" 


Wednesday 3 June | JSC 2.03 | 4pm

Dr Vincenzo Romei (University of Essex)

"Novel methods in neuromodulation"