2013/14 Research Seminar Series Programme 2013/14 Research Seminar Series Programme

Wednesday 2nd October | TPSC 1.2 | 5pm

Dr Johannes Schultz (Department of Psychology, Durham University)

‘How does the brain extract social information from visual motion?’


Wednesday 16th October | TPSC 1.7 | 4pm

Dr Zara Bergström (School of Psychology, University of Kent)

'Intentional memory suppression: Neurocognitive mechanisms and forensic applications.’


Wednesday 30th October | TPSC 1.7 | 4pm

Dr David Soto (Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London)

'Working memory biases of human visual attention.’


Wednesday 13th November | TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Dr Andriy Myachykov (Department of Psychology, Northumbria University)

'Determinants of syntactic choice in situated sentence production’


Wednesday 27th November | TPSC 1.7 | 4pm

Professor Ed Wilding (School of Psychology, Cardiff University)

'Cognitive control over memory: Electrophysiological Studies'


Wednesday 11th December | TPSC 1.7 | 4pm

Professor Klaus Kessler (School of Life & Health Sciences, Aston University)

‘Multi-level alignment between self and others’


Wednesday 22nd January| TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Dr Janet Bultitude (Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain (FMRIB), University of Oxford)

'The role of sensory-motor conflict in neuropathology'


Wednesday 5th February | TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Dr Stephane De Brito (School of Psychology, University of Birmingham)

'Neural functional and structural correlates of childhood maltreatment' 


Wednesday 5th March | TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Dr Michael Ewbank (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge)

'The non-adaptive brain? Autism-spectrum traits and repetition suppression in occipitotemporal cortex'


Wednesday 19th  March | TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Dr Beth Jefferies (Department of Psychology, University of York)

‘Converging evidence for the neural basis of semantic cognition.’


Wednesday 2nd April | JSC 1.02 | 4pm

Dr Jon Simons (Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge)

'The subjective experience of remembering'


Friday 2nd May | TPSC 0.1 | 4pm

Professor Glyn Humphreys (Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford)

'What's in an affordance? Visual and motor aspects of object-action coupling.'


Wednesday 4th June | JSC (Julian Study Centre) 2.02 | 4pm

Professor Steve Tipper (Department of Psychology, University of York)

'Perception for Action, Action for Perception"


Wednesday 25th June | Queens 1.04 | 4pm

Dr Simona Monaco (Centre for Vision Research, York University Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

'Involvement of ventral and dorsal stream areas in processing three-dimensional object properties for grasping'