Wider community engagement Wider community engagement

Our research and teaching doesn't remain in an ivory tower.  Our staff and students are actively in dialogue with the public, communities and policy makers.  We organise special events, are ever present in the media, and regularly influence policy.

At the local, national or international level, public engagement is central to what we do.

Recent events, media work and projects include:

"Brexit Means Brexit" - but what does that mean?

In the run-up to the EU Referendum we hosted a series of public events in Norwich to encourage discussion and debate.  Following the referendum, we organised a further series looking at the consequences and emerging issues.  You can watch the lectures from the series here.  Events were also held in London with speakers including Lord Lawson.  This is what Professor Alan Finlayson had to say about Brexit and the Future of British Politics:


The Euro Crisis and the Left in Europe:

Award winning Dr Marina Prentoulis became the “go to” contact for national media to aid understanding about contemporary European movements and the rise of Syriza and Podemos in Greece and Spain respectively.  She has appeared on the BBC Andrew Marr show (as you'll see below), appeared on international news channels and spoke at Glastonbury festival.