Become part of a lively research community Become part of a lively research community

Getting a research degree is so much more than submitting a thesis. At Norwich Business School (NBS) we are committed to helping postgraduate research students develop their academic skills. We put great emphasis on creating an active research environment that facilitates the exchange of research ideas and experiences inside and outside NBS.


We offer a wide range of training opportunities to help you complete your PhD and also prepare you for the world of work.

UEA postgraduate research student training:  A wide range of basic and advanced training courses are offered to MPhil/PhD students. In NBS specifically, we offer a range of workshops on advanced statistical methods.  All students in their first year are required to undertake generic research training.

UEA staff training: Pending the approval of the PGR Director, MPhil/PhD students can attend UEA staff training programmes. The staff development programme offers extensive training on how to write scientific papers, writing dissertation documents, and preparing students for their first job in academia.

NBS staff training: NBS offers their staff a range of teaching seminars tailored to the Business School environment. Students are invited to attend these. An additional allowance is allocated for MPhil/PhD students to obtain external training in areas where additional  training would be of benefit.

The PGR Colloquium

A unique characteristic of the MPhil/PhD programme at NBS is the annual PGR (PostGraduate Research) Colloquium. During the Colloquium NBS PGR students get together to present their research using both presentation and poster formats. The Colloquium offers a unique opportunity for students to share and discuss their research ideas and progress with their peers and experienced research staff.  Awards are given for best paper and poster.  Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2013, a joint colloquium was organized together with the British Academy of Management's Special Interest Group on Performance Management. All PGR students must attend the PGR Colloquium as it is part of their ongoing development.

Research seminars

NBS arranges a series of 10-12 research seminars every year. World-leading academics in the UK and abroad come to NBS to present their state-of-the art research across a wide range of disciplines. The seminars offer a great opportunity for MPhil/PhD students to engage with world-leaders in their field of research and also to gain useful ideas on how research in other disciplines may strengthen their own research.

Research group meetings

PGR students participate in these seminars and meetings which ensure that they get an idea of life as a UK academic. It also offers the opportunity for students to liaise with other members of staff besides their supervisory team.

Work In Progress seminars

MPhil/PhD students organize a seminar series on Work in Progress. This is an opportunity for students to discuss their ongoing work. The aim is to provide a forum where students provide support to each other. Topics widely discussed are the study design, data collection, data analysis, writing papers or structuring their thesis. External or internal staff may also be invited to present on specific topics, e.g. qualitative data analysis.

Attending conferences

MPhil/PhD students are encouraged to present their research at national and international conferences. Students are provided with a budget to attend conferences. An additional allowance may be awarded at the discretion of the PGR Director to go to notable international conferences.

Exchange of PGR students

PGR students are encouraged to arrange research visits of short or longer duration to universities abroad. Such exchanges can be arranged through the supervisory team.

Teaching opportunities

We endeavour to offer all MPhil/PhD students the opportunity to gain a minimum of 20 hours of teaching experience. There are opportunities for giving lectures, running seminars and marking, all to help you get started on your academic career.


 MPhil/PhD students have their own designated PGR room in the Thomas Payne Study Centre where the Norwich Business School is located. Research students based in this room have access to personal computing (PGR Room: 7am-11pm) and library/computing facilities (24 hours), specific research computing facilities and IT assistance. Also in the same building is access to a hotdesking area for the use of staff and students.  Further, the International Student Advisory Team provides information, support and advice to all international students and their families throughout their time at UEA.