Unique environment for training clinical psychologists Unique environment for training clinical psychologists

The University of East Anglia clinical psychology doctoral course is a partnership between the University, the NHS, and practising clinical psychologists in Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. We value the support of practising clinical psychologists highly; and they are involved in all aspects of the course organisation and teaching and have many links with University.  We offer supervisor training, study days and a highly valued series of master classes in cognitive behavioural therapy.  

The course is based within the Department of Clinical Psychology within the inter-disciplinary Norwich Medical School (MED) which is based within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.  The School provides a unique environment for training clinical psychologists to work in the NHS of the future. There are five Departments within Norwich Medical School: 1) Clinical Psychology, 2) Nutrition, 3) Medicine, 4) Population Health and Primary Care, and 5) Medical Education. Within the School and wider Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences there is an active and enthusiastic programme of research with substantial strengths in psychological sciences and mental health, biomedical sciences, nutrition, clinical sciences, epidemiology and public health, health economics, health services research and rehabilitation and nursing sciences.  We have over 140 live research projects. Well over two thirds of our research is recognised to be of international standing; well over a third is judged to be world-leading.  Last year we received more than £25m in funding from organisation such as the UK Research Council, The European Commission and the World Health Organisation. We continue to build our portfolio of work. We continue to recruit more experts – 12 more senior clinical academics alone over the next three years.

The research strategy of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences encourages and supports work across the Faculty and capitalises on strengths in each of the two Schools: the Norwich Medical School and the School of Health Sciences. Members of the Faculty also work closely with other researchers and scientists across the University and across the member organisations of the Norwich Research Park, an internationally recognised centre of research excellence.

The Department of Clinical Psychology within Norwich Medical School is based in attractive accommodation on the University campus. Within the Department of Clinical Psychology we have a number of research active staff producing clinically important and relevant research in the areas of youth mental heath and the evaluation of psychological interventions for people with and at-risk of psychosis, the management and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in children and adolescents, eating disorders, depression and anxiety in older people, dementia care (PERFECTED) and neuropsychology. Members of our department hold grants from NIHR and have active bids with NIHR NIHR-RfPB, and the Stroke Association amongst others. We value research that has impact and we have provided research reports for the Government Office for Science. We are currently building capacity in dementia and older people as well as intellectual disabilities. 

There are three research active professors within our department. We are actively recruiting researchers within the field of mental health with a strong desire and vision to develop clinically innovative and relevant programmes of research outside the populations and conditions described above. As befits a Clinical Programme with a research active department we are promoting innovative approaches to the development of competence in applied clinical research for all our trainees. 

See the Faculty Graduate School for further information.