Diplomas in French - DELF/DALF Diplomas in French - DELF/DALF

UEA is an official Examination Centre for the prestigious French Language Certificates DELF (Diplôme d' Etudes en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française). DELF and DALF diplomas are awarded by the French Ministry of Education to prove the French-language skills of non-French candidates.

There are 6 independent diplomas, which correspond, respectively, to the first four levels of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL):

  • Diploma in French Level A1 (DELF)
  • Diploma in French Level A2 (DELF)
  • Diploma in French Level B1 (DELF)
  • Diploma in French Level B2 (DELF)
  • Diploma in French Level C1 (DALF)
  • Diploma in French Level C2 (DALF)

To know more about your level, you can complete a placement test here.

You can also find several past exams here.

Full details on the DELF examination can be viewed here. Details of the DELF Junior can be found here.


In order to enrol, you need to fill in the registration form. Please sign and date the completed form and send to ulp@uea.ac.uk. You will then be provided with details on how to proceed with the online payment.

Please note: Online card payments are accepted only.

Examination dates

The examination sessions at UEA are March and June. 

Please note that the March session will only run if we receive enough interest.

Registration period: Before February for the March session and before May for the June session.

Levels available: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Examinations fees

Level Fees
DELF A1 £65
DELF A2 £70
DELF B1 £75
DELF B2 £85
DALF C1 (June only) £110
DALF C2 (June only) £145








Preparation courses

UEA provides a DELF preparation course. For additional information, please contact ulp@uea.ac.uk

Contact details

School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

University of East Anglia



Email: ulp@uea.ac.uk

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