Introduction Introduction

East Coast Community Healthcare is an expanding and exciting social enterprise and employer in the East Anglian region. It provides a range of NHS, primary care, community health and social care services in the easterly region of the Norfolk/Suffolk borders.  ECCH services are based in locations where patients and clients need them so they have a range of office and clinic locations. Headquarters is currently in Beccles, Suffolk but in late 2016 they will be expanding into new flagship premises in Lowestoft, Suffolk.

As a Learning Organisation they offer an excellent range of exciting, rewarding roles for new graduates, with fantastic opportunities for career support and development and a great range of employee benefits, including the NHS Pension Scheme.  They have a multi-professional, robust and structured preceptorship programme for all their newly-qualified practitioners. As well as this, as an employee-owned organisation they offer a fantastic culture of engagement and involvement – all employees can have a say and guide how the organisation is run! ‘Our ABCD’ Commitments of Attitude, Behaviour, Competence and Deliver underpin all their activities.

ECCH welcome informal enquiries about their organisation and if you want to get in touch at any point during your studies to discuss future career opportunities, call 01502 718600 and ask to speak to a member of the Human Resources team.

Adult Nursing Adult Nursing

The Adult Nursing teams include District Nursing, Community Hospitals, Minor Injury Unit, Outpatient Department and Out of Hospital Teams (who provide rapid response to patients in crisis). All ECCH teams aim to enable patients to be supported to stay in their own environment and this means that their nurses work collaboratively with a diverse range of other health and social care professions. You will find the highest standards of clinical excellence across their services and a friendly, supportive and open work culture.  

Adult nursing requires high levels of autonomy and the opportunity to develop the rapid pace of changes in health provision are carried forward to the benefit of their patients whilst being at the forefront of these developments. This is an exciting place to be as you can play your part in delivering exceptional patient care whilst continuing to grow, develop and progress.

ECCH actively encourage the development of rotation posts within Adult Nursing Teams and can support you with an excellent preceptorship programme, generic development and support your revalidation as well as providing great opportunities for career progression.

Children and Families services Children and Families services

Health visitors and School Nurses are specialist public health nurses (SCPHN), who deliver effective, evidence-based care and public health interventions for children, young people and their families following the ‘Healthy Child’ programme. Public health nurses play a crucial role in ensuring children are ready for school and able to fulfil their potential as well as ensuring access to available services at the earliest point throughout their childhood, as well as influencing and championing public health activities.

ECCH offer the opportunity for nursing/midwifery graduates (from all the fields of nursing) to gain experience as community staff nurses within the 0-19 years skill mix teams, or as SCPHN students (health visiting or school health) in Lowestoft and Waveney localities. They provide all their students and graduates with a supportive and robust structured preceptorship process.

As a Community Staff Nurse you’ll work across both Health Visiting and School Health teams and will support the SCPHN at clinics.  This includes ‘well-baby’ drop in, growth and development reviews and school drop-ins, home visiting, group work, working within local schools and working collaboratively with other agencies.

As a SCPHN student you have the opportunity to study at either degree or masters level, and will develop the skills and knowledge required to work independently as either a health visitor or school nurse. On placement you will be support by a Practice Teacher who will work closely with you throughout the year.

Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy Service provides care and assessment to patients in the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area who may have physical challenges which derive from stroke and arthritis, orthopaedic problems or neurological problems. There are dedicated teams covering Falls, Rheumatology, Neurological Rehabilitation and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) /Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) service; in addition to this there are Occupational Therapists working in the Integrated Out of Hospital (Rapid Response teams).

They offer a robust structured multi-professional preceptorship programme and specific to Occupational Therapy also offer an exciting rotation in four key areas , where you will spend six months enhancing and consolidating your skills in a chosen speciality.

Working collaboratively with partners at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Trust they can also now offer rotational work placement that provides experience of both acute and community work and the opportunity to develop new skills in these very different environments.

The team welcomes new graduates into a supportive environment, offering a range of areas, opportunities and approaches to allow you to build on your knowledge, skills and passions in your developing career as an Occupational Therapist.

Physiotherapy Physiotherapy

Their award-winning Physiotherapy service offers new graduates the perfect opportunity to begin their professional careers within a supportive and nurturing team which is built on the ethos of quality and progression. 

ECCH Physiotherapy teams offer new graduates unrivalled levels of supervision and mentoring, led by highly experienced clinicians. You will also be able to access regular in-service training sessions to help you develop professionally as your career matures.

Working within this team will allow you to experience a wide range of clinical rotations, including Musculoskeletal outpatients, Neurology and Elderly community across a diverse range of settings, including wards and outpatient clinics as well as domiciliary visits; all of which offer you the opportunity to expand the skills you have acquired and begin your physiotherapy career in an environment that values reliability, dedication and expertise.  

Close working relationships with Social Services and other local healthcare providers means you will be working in an integrated physiotherapy team that flexibly responds to the changing needs of the patient population.  Friendly and approachable colleagues will help to maximise your potential and hone the physiotherapy skills you have learned into the practical application that will allow your career to flourish.

Speech and Language Therapy Speech and Language Therapy

The adult and paediatric speech and language therapy services cover a wide range of clinical specialisms in both acute and community settings across Norfolk and Waveney.  Both departments are forward thinking, creative and innovative in their approach. 

The teams are supportive and look forward to welcoming graduates into their department valuing the new ideas and ways of working that they bring. 

The following quotes from our most recently qualified staff speak for themselves;

“I have absolutely loved my first year as a community paediatric speech and language therapist working for East Coast Community Healthcare. I have been made to feel very welcome and a valued member of the team. I have accessed regular formal supervision sessions (both individual and group) and have had the opportunity to gain knowledge/experience in a range of areas by working alongside specialist therapists.”

“Working for ECCH as an adult SLT has been great; they have provided training opportunities and a supportive working environment, which is perfect for new grads.  I have been given the chance to be part of a social enterprise that gives back to the community and which in turn makes my job more rewarding and enjoyable.”

“Taking on a job with ECCH as a new grad was one of the best decisions I’ve made; I’ve felt thoroughly supported throughout my journey as a newly qualified therapist and have been provided with fantastic opportunities to progress and specialise.”

For further information visit the ECCH website