Don’t just take our word for it that a career in healthcare is rewarding and satisfying. Hear from some of our graduates as they share their experiences of studying at UEA, life beyond graduation, their aspirations and what advice they’d give as you embark upon this exciting next step in your education.

Laura Millican - BSc Midwifery

I graduated from the UEA in August 2021. My first job was working as a pre-reg midwife, and I am now a fully registered midwife working in a local trust. My favourite part of my job is...

Jen Kippin – BSc Adult Nursing Degree Apprenticeship

I graduated from the BSc Adult Nursing Degree Apprenticeship, UEA in February 2021 and my first and current job after graduation was as a Community Nurse for NCHC. I love how one day is never the...

Simone Emerson - Trainee Nursing Associate

I completed my studies in October 2020 and when my apprenticeship contract ends I shall be working in a GP practice as a Registered Nursing Associate. My favourite part of my current job...

Tegan Archer - BSc Speech and Language Therapy

I graduated in July 2020 and am soon starting my first post as a newly qualified Speech and Language Therapist for the NHS in Cambridgeshire as part of the Stroke Early Supported...

Alice Ollerhead - BSc Paramedic Science

    I currently work at the South Central Ambulance Service as a Newly Qualified Paramedic.  It is a priviledge to meet such a range of people and be welcomed into...

Kieran Francis - BSc Paramedic Science

  I am currently working at East Midlands Ambulance Service, Leicester as a Paramedic . As ambulance clinicians we have the privilege to help people in their homes, in their...

Melodie Avakian - MSc Adult Nursing

I am extremely proud of achieving a Distinction in my final year literature review, in which I explored the psychosocial consequences for informal caregivers supporting end of life cancer patients...

Stephen Brighton - DipHE Paramedic

I completed my higher diploma as part of my vocational three year programme with EEAST and since graduating I have continued working with the ambulance service and qualified as a paramedic.  ...

Lily Neame - BSc Children’s Nursing

When starting Children's Nursing at UEA, I always knew I wanted to go into working in a hospital. I originally thought I’d stay in Norwich because I loved it so much, and applied to work at the...

Amii-Rose Steward - DipHE Operating Department Practice

I graduated in September 2020 and my first job after graduation was as an Operating Department Practitioner in a scrub role at Royal Marsden Hospital. The best part of my job is feeling like...

Jaynie Sheen - BSc Paramedic Science

I graduated from UEA in September 2020 and my first job was as a Paramedic for EEAST. My favourite part of the job is helping people and being part of a great team of colleagues whilst the most...

Grace Denham - DipHE Paramedic Science

I dropped out of college and didn’t complete my A levels, however I have now graduated from the DipHE Paramedic Science (2020) and my job after graduating was as a paramedic.  I...

Chelsea Radakovic - MSc Occupational Therapy

I graduated in February 2021 and I will be working at The Royal Papworth Hospital, which is a specialist cardiopulmonary hospital. I will be working rotations through different areas of the...

Krisztina Wilsea - Trainee Nursing Associate

I graduated from UEA in 2021. During my two year apprenticeship, I worked as community based TNA based in Great Yarmouth & the Northern Villages for East  Coast Community Healthcare....

Roxanne Brunton - DipHE Operating Department Practice

I graduated from UEA in September 2021 and now work at the Queen Elizabeth hospital as an operating department practitioner. My favourite part of my current job is being able to influence a...

Angela Tear - Trainee Nursing Associate

I joined the South Community LD Team in the Trainee Nurse Associate (TNA) role in September 2020. I have since been given a badge of recognition for two separate pieces of work which included...

You will also have the opportunity to win school awards with prize money as our Boards of Examiners award prizes at the end of each academic year in recognition of academic achievement and marks:

Awarded to students on the MSc Occupational Therapy and MSc Physiotherapy courses for the highest mark for the final year dissertation.


An annual prize of £100 awarded for the best overall academic performance in the following listed courses: 

  • Dip HE in Operating Department Practice
  • Dip HE Paramedic Science HSC School Prize
  • BSc Hons Midwifery
  • BSc Hons Nursing Adult 
  • BSc Hons Nursing Child
  • BSc Hons Nursing Learning Disabilities 
  • BSc Hons Nursing Mental Health 
  • BSc Hons Occupational Therapy
  • BSc Hons Paramedic Science
  • BSc Hons Physiotherapy
  • BSc Hons Speech and Language Therapy
  • Degree Apprenticeship in Adult Nursing
  • Degree Apprenticeship in Occupational Therapy
  • Foundation Degree in Health Studies (Nursing Associate Apprenticeship).

An annual prize of £100 shall be awarded for the best overall academic performance of the following courses:

  • MSc Adult Nursing (pre-registration)
  • MSc Mental Health Nursing (pre-registration).

An annual prize of £100 awarded for the Best Overall Academic Performance according to the final mark in all modules, in the following Post-Registration courses:

  • BSc Hons Nursing Practice
  • BSc Hons Acute Critical and Emergency Care
  • BSc Hons Enhanced Professional Practice

If in any year no candidate is judged to be of sufficient merit for a particular prize, the prize shall not be awarded. If two candidates for a prize are judged to be of equal merit, that prize may be divided.

An annual prize of £100 awarded for the Best Overall Academic Performance in the following listed courses:

  • MSc Advanced Practitioner
  • MSc in Advanced Professional Practice.

This Dissertation Prize is awarded to a student on the BSc Occupational Therapy course for the highest mark for the final year dissertation.

  1. There shall be one Prize awarded annually by the School of Health Sciences
  2. The Dissertation Prize shall be awarded to the student on the BSc Occupational Therapy course who receives the highest mark for their final year dissertation.
  3. The value of the Prize shall be £50 and will be given either as cash or as vouchers.
  4. The Prize shall be awarded by the BSc (Pre-reg) Exam Board on the recommendation of the BSc Occupational Therapy course director, in consultationwith the research module co-ordinator.
  5. If more than two candidates are judged to be of equal merit, the Prize may be divided.