As a researcher you will plan and conduct research projects to increase the body of scientific knowledge on health related topics.

In health this covers a broad range of topics and your own interests may be shaped by your undergraduate degree or clinical background. Working as a research assistant after graduation is a good way to gain some experience in the field and consider the area of research you would like to specialise in. If you want a long term career in research you will need to do further study. Initially this could be an MRes or a longer PhD. A typical day in the life of a researcher is varied, including collecting data, analysing results, attending meetings and presenting the findings of your research.

To get the most out of your research you need to have a curious mind, be able to present a good case for your research and have a thorough working knowledge of the different research methods at your disposal. After completing a PhD you can apply for research positions in higher education although these are often on short term contracts. There are also research positions in industry and the charity sector.  Another popular option is to apply for a lecturer post which will include a teaching element. Find out more using the links below:​ ​ ​​

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