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Dr Nikoloulopoulos was invited speaker at second event of Data Science Norfolk

The  second event  of the Meetup Group Data Science Norfolk  took place on Thursday 11 May 2017 at the historic AVIVA Marble Hall at Norwich’s Surrey Street.  Dr Aristidis K. Nikoloulopoulos  gave an invited presentation with the intriguing title: “The copula that ‘killed’ Wall Street and beyond”. He has pointed out the limitations of normal copula for modelling high-dimensional financial data and has recommended vine or factor copulas when big...

UEA CMP and MED scientists makes breakthrough in Prostate Cancer Research

New test which distinguishes prostate cancer 'tigers' from 'pussycats' developed by Prof Vincent Moulton (CMP) and Dr Bogdan Luca (CMP) collaborated with Prof Colin Cooper (MED) and Dr. Daniel Brewer (MED) A new test has been developed to make the vital distinction between aggressive and less harmful forms of prostate cancer, helping to avoid sometimes-damaging and unnecessary treatment. Each year 46,000 men in the UK develop prostate cancer and many cancers progress after diagnosis to...

NorDevCon 2017

UEA is proud to be the elite sponsor of NorDevCon 2017 . The Norfolk Developers’ Tech, Agile & Business conference, Nor(DEV):con, will take place between Thursday 23 February and Saturday 25 of February at the King’s Centre in Norwich. For more information visit:

Programming Challenge for Girls (PC4G) Event, December 2016.

We recently held a PC4G event at Flegg High School. PC4G is a challenge designed to introduce girls to computer programming using a piece of educational software called Alice. Alice is a programming environment that enables students to create animations while gently introducing concepts such as functions, loops and object oriented programming. Research Associates Sarah Taylor and Jason lines, and a group of 6 (female) undergraduates that are currently taking or have previously taken...

Paper Published in Statistics in Medicine

A paper by Mr Ilyas Bakbergenuly and Prof Elena Kulinskaya " Beta-binomial model for meta-analysis of odds ratios " was published in Statistics in Medicine.