The right support to prepare you for your future career The right support to prepare you for your future career

Some of our graduates have gone on to become computer sales executives earning highly competitive salaries, whilst others have secured positions with established companies such as IBM, Aviva Logica, as Program Systems Analysts, Web Designers, IT Managers. Others have followed an entrepreneurial path and established their own companies, while some graduates chose to continue their studies at postgraduate level and enter academia professionally.

Careers Support

The employment market is very competitive, and we endeavour to ensure that all our students receive advice and training to prepare them for the transition to employment or further study.

The UEA Careers and Employability Service helps students to reflect on their skills and aspirations and relate these to potential jobs and careers. They also give advice and run invaluable workshops on finding vacancies, interview techniques and how you can write your CV effectively for a job or higher-degree applications.

Please follow the links below according to your employability interest:

For further queries related to employment and employability in computing please contact the Employability Director, Prof. Gerard Parr.