Child placement research in the Centre for Research on Children and Families builds on a long history of influential research going back to studies of permanence in fostering and adoption in the 1980s.

Our research has included a range of studies of adoption and foster care, with more recent projects including care planning, offenders in care and residential care.  Our studies have included all participants in the child placement process – children; birth, foster and adoptive family members; and multi-professional networks.

We have had a particular interest in engaging with the voices of children in our projects and also in exploring the role of birth families, particularly through contact. The CRCF has a reputation for using a psychosocial approach to understand both the family relationships and the systems that need to work well to ensure that placements are successful.

Current research projects:

Planning and supporting permanence in long-term foster care: An investigation of the implementation in England of the first regulations and guidance for long-term foster care as a permanence option (Department for Education 2015)

From being adopted to becoming a parent: when adopted people become parents and adopters become grandparents (2018-2020)

Pathways and outcomes for children in need, at risk and in care (2015-2018)

A study of the experiences and identity development of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender young people in care and the support they receive (2014-2016)

2014 - 2017

The Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Adoption Project Research (2016-2017)

Going home from residential care: An exploratory study of the separation and reunification experiences of young people and their families in Moldova (2013 - 2017)

Supporting long-term foster care (2015-2016)

Evaluation of the transitions and mentoring service at Break (2013-15)

Contact after adoption (Three phases 1996-2000, 2002-2004, 2012-14)

Investigation of care planning and the role of the IRO (2012-14)

Completed research projects pre 2014

Success factors in adopter recruitment: Insights from adoption agency social work managers and marketing offices (2013)

Looked after children and offending (2010-12)

Evaluation of Fosternets (2009-10)

Care Planning for permanence in foster care (2008-10)

Researching Adoption Support (2005-10)