Dates: April 2017 – November 2019
Research Team: Dr Christine Cocker, Prof Beth Neil, Dr Penny Sorensen
Funder: Adoptionplus via DfE National Prospectus Grant


Adoptionplus is an adoption agency based in Buckinghamshire which offers an Adoption Placement Service, a Developmental Trauma and Attachment Therapy Service and a Training and Conference Service. DDP is an attachment focussed family therapy approach designed to meet the needs of children who have experienced trauma and loss, and developed by Dan Hughes (Hughes 2011). It is one of a number of therapy services offered by Adoptionplus.

In April 2017, Adoptionplus commissioned UEA to undertake an independent evaluation of its DDP social work service. However, changes to the Adoption Support Fund in 2017, reduced numbers of referrals to the service, and this significantly affected the numbers of families able to take part in the research. This in turn resulted in the decision to cease the evaluation in February 2019.


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