One-to-one guidance sessions over a six-month period One-to-one guidance sessions over a six-month period

With these one-to-one relationships, you'll have the opportunity to talk to a UEA alumnus (or other career professional) who can help you make decisions about your own plans and build up your confidence. You will receive six hours of one-to-one advice and guidance in person or via email or telephone over a six month period. At least one of your meetings should be in person with your mentor, where location allows.

What can I expect from a one-to-one relationship?

You will be matched with a suitable Mentor from the information you give on your Registration Form. You may be matched with a Mentor who is a UEA Alumnus, perhaps from the same School of Study or from a different School, or with a career professional who did not attend UEA but has a wealth of experience. All of our Mentors have a lot to offer you wherever they are from! You should not expect to be offered work experience from your Mentor and we would discourage you from asking.

Who can apply?

Mentoring relationships are open to all year groups and all levels of study, as well as recent graduates (within 3 years of graduation). Support is also available for current students and recent graduates looking to set up or grow their own business.

Please note: being matched on the programme is subject to capacity. If we are unable to match you, we will endeavour to help you by directing you to our other services.

When does it take place?

Please note that there isn't a deadline date for registering for six month mentoring. We would encourage you to apply as soon as you can though so that these six month relationships can take place before the Assessment period and summer holiday period starts. 

How can I take part?

Please complete the relevant Registration Form on MyCareerCentral:

Mentoring Programme

Business Start Up Mentoring (for those interested in starting up or growing their own business)

The Registration Form will ask for further details in order to help us find the best match for you, so it is important to fill in as much detail as you can to help us do this. If you want advice on how to complete the form, you can book an appointment at CareerCentral and a Careers Adviser can help you.