Explore sectors with Insider Insights Explore sectors with Insider Insights

Already know the sector you would like to work in? Looking to explore different sector areas?

These one off information sessions with professionals in the field give you the chance to find out more about a particular sector and how to progress within it. You will get the chance to talk to a mentor, either by telephone, email, Skype or in person (if location allows) for 30-45 minutes to find out more about their role, experience and the sector they operate in.

How does it work?

What can I expect?

We have a variety of different mentors in a wide range of sectors and subject to each mentor’s capacity and availability, you can be matched for a number of Insider Insights. All of our mentors have a lot to offer you wherever they are from, and are keen to help you! We usually give you and your mentor a period of a month to find a convenient day/time to have your Insider Insight. You should not expect to be offered work experience from your mentor and we would discourage you from asking.

Who are our mentors?

Our mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds and sector areas. Many are based locally, but we also have mentors across the UK and even overseas. In 2017-18 there were over 170 mentors on the programme and their experience covered numerous sector areas including banking and finance, media, environmental, heritage, technology, marketing and many more.

Who can apply?

Insider Insights are open to all year groups and all levels of study, as well as recent graduates (within 3 years of graduation). Support is also available for current students and recent graduates looking to set up or grow their own business.

When can they take place?

You can apply at any time for Insider Insights as we match all year round. Most matches usually take place between October and June. We would encourage you to apply early.

Please note: Being matched on the programme is subject to capacity and the availability of our mentors. If we are unable to match you, we will endeavour to help you by directing you to our other services, relevant events and resources.

Emily, Mentee Emily, Mentee

 Emily says:

“It is definitely a great opportunity to find out about different areas and offers the best chance of networking.”

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