The Senate

(A year after a member's name indicates that the term of office expires on 31 July of that year)


Ex-officio Members

The Vice-Chancellor Professor David Richardson BSc, PhD

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors Professor Neil Ward, BSc, PhD (2021)

Professor Fiona Lettice, BSc, MSc, PhD, BA (2022)


Faculty Pro Vice Chancellors

  • Arts and Humanities Professor Sarah Barrow (2022)


  • Medicine and Health Sciences Professor Dylan Edwards (2021)


  • Science Professor Mark Searcey (2024)


  • Social Sciences Professor Frances Bowen (2023)


Four Heads of Schools (One from each Faculty)

  • Arts and Humanities Dr Jeremy Noel-Todd (until 31.12.2020, then Professor Alison Donnell (2023) ) 


  • Medicine and Health Sciences Professor William Fraser (Interim appointment)


  • Science Professor Kevin Hiscock (2022)


  • Social Sciences Professor Laura Camfield (2022)


Sixteen Academic Representatives (four from each Faculty with one of the four from the Professoriate and one at Lecturer grade

  • Arts and Humanities Dr Sally Broughton Micova (2021), Dr Letica Yulita (2021), Dr Kaeten Mistry (2023), Professor Matthew Woodcock (2023)


  • Medicine and Health Sciences Mrs Katrina Emerson (2021), Dr Neil James (2022), Dr Stephanie Jong (2023), Professor Ailsa Welch (2021)


  • Science Professor A Ganesan (2023), Dr Helen Pallett (2022), Professor Gerard Parr (2022), Dr Leanne Stokes (2023)


  • Social Sciences, Dr Ann Anka (2022), Dr Kate Russell (2023),  Dr Charles Segar (2023), Professor Andreas Stephan (2022)


Library Director: Mr Nick Lewis


Director of Student Services: Dr Jon Sharp


Principal of City College Norwich: Ms Corrienne Peasgood


Three representatives of the Union of UEA Students: Ms Emily Anderson (2021), Ms Ayane Hida (2021), Mr Callum Perry (2021)


Secretary: University Secretary

Minutes: Director of University Services (LTS) (Dr Andrea Blanchflower)


Academic Directors may attend and have the right to debate, but not to vote.

  • Taught Programmes (Professor Emma Sutton)
  • Inclusive Education (Professor Helena Gillespie)
  • Admissions (Professor Richard Harvey)
  • Learning and Teaching Enhancement (Professor Kay Yeoman)
  • UEA Doctoral College (Professor Alastair Grant)
  • Employability (Dr Matt Aldrich)
  • Partnerships and Apprenticeships (Professor Zoe Butterfint)