The Senate - 2021/22

(A year after a member's name indicates that the term of office expires on 31 July of that year)


Ex-officio Members

The Vice-Chancellor and President Professor David Richardson

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor    Professor Christine Bovis-Cnossen 

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Fiona Lettice (2022)

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Emma Sutton (2022) 




Faculty Pro Vice Chancellors

  • Arts and Humanities Professor Sarah Barrow (2022)

  • Medicine and Health Sciences Professor Charles ffrench-Constant (2026)

  • Science Professor Mark Searcey (2024)

  • Social Sciences Professor Frances Bowen (2023)


Four Heads of Schools (One from each Faculty)

  • Arts and Humanities Professor Alison Donnell (2023) 

  • Medicine and Health Sciences Professor Sally Hardy (2024)

  • Science Professor Kevin Hiscock (2022)

  • Social Sciences Professor Laura Camfield (2022)


Sixteen Academic Representatives (four from each Faculty with one of the four from the Professoriate and one at Lecturer grade

  • Arts and Humanities Dr Oren Margolis (2024), Dr Kaeten Mistry (2023), Dr Leticia Yulita (2023), Professor Matthew Woodcock (2023)

  • Medicine and Health Sciences  Dr Neil James (2022), Dr Stephanie Jong (2023), Dr Felix Naughton (2024), Professor Apostolos Davillas (2024)

  • Science Professor A Ganesan (2023), Dr Helen Pallett (2022), Professor Gerard Parr (2022), Dr Leanne Stokes (2023)

  • Social Sciences, Dr Ann Anka (2022), Dr Kate Russell (2023),  Dr Charles Segar (2023), Professor Andreas Stephan (2022)


Library Director

Mr Nick Lewis


Director of Student Services

Dr Jon Sharp


Principal of City College Norwich

Ms Corrienne Peasgood


Three representatives of the Union of UEA Students

Ms Ayane Hida (2022)

Mr Aaron Campbell (2022)

Mr Hamish Williams (2022) 


Secretary: University Secretary

Minutes: Director of Governance and Assurance (GOV) (Dr Andrea Blanchflower)


Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellors may attend and have the right to debate, but not to vote.

  • Education and Curriculum (Dr Neil James) - Currently a Senate Member 
  • Partnerships (Professor Ian Dewing) 
  • Student Inclusion (Professor Helena Gillespie)
  • Admissions (Professor Richard Harvey)
  • Learning and Teaching Enhancement (Professor Kay Yeoman)
  • UEA Doctoral College (Professor Alastair Grant)
  • Employability (Dr Matt Aldrich)
  • Partnerships and Apprenticeships (Professor Zoe Butterfint)