The Council

(A year after a member's name indicates that the term of office expires on 31 July of that year)


Ex‑officio Members

The Chair of the Council     Ms L. McGillivray (Interim appointment) 

The Vice‑Chancellor    Professor D.J. Richardson, BSc, PhD

The Treasurer    Mr M. Williams (2022)

Pro Vice‑Chancellor  (Academic)  Professor N. Ward, BSc, PhD (2021)

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Professor F. Lettice, BSc, MSc, PhD, BA (2022)


Members Appointed by the Senate

 Dr L. Bohn (2021)        

 Professor R. Chakraborty (2022)                  


Member Elected by the Support Staff

 Mrs D. Mailey (2021)


Independent Members                                         

Mr S. Blease (2022)

Mr J. Clayton (2022)

Mr M. Davies (2021)

Mr S. Evans (2023)                 

Ms G. Maclean (2022)             

Dr K. Skoyles (2021)

Ms J. Wheeler (2022)

Mr A. Wood (2023)


Student Members

Two student Representatives 

Ms E. Payne (2021)

Mr H. Williams (2021)


Secretary                         The Chief Resource Officer and University Secretary

Minutes                             Mrs L. Williams (Assistant Registrar)


The Faculty/Pro Vice-Chancellors may attend and have the right to debate, but not to vote.


Faculty Pro-Vice-Chancellors:

 Arts and Humanities

Professor S. Barrow, BA, MA (Cantab), PhD (Sheffield) (2022)


Medicine and Health Sciences  

Professor D. Edwards, BA, MA (Cantab), PhD (London) (2021)



 Professor M. Searcey, BSc (Loughborough), PhD (Hertfordshire) (2024)


Social Sciences

Professor F. Bowen, BA (Oxon), PhD (Bath), HEA (2023)


Pro-Vice-Chancellor Student Experience 

Professor  E. Sutton,  RN, BSc, MA (Interim)