Boards of Schools - 2021/22


Each School shall have a School Board which shall be constituted as follows:


The active membership of the School Board shall be constituted as follows:


  1. The Head of School (who shall be Chair) [ex officio];
  2. The School Directors (for example Admissions, Learning and Teaching, and Research) [ex officio];
  3. The academic staff members of the School [ex officio];
  4. At least one representative member of the contract research staff of the School where this applies;
  5. At least one student representative drawn from each major level of study at which the School delivers programmes (i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate taught and/or postgraduate research) nominated by the Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) of the School from within its number and which will include the elected School Convenor.
  6. Members, or representative members, of other staff groups of the School as recommended by the Head of School to the Faculty Pro Vice Chancellor for approval.


Representative (i.e. non-ex officio) staff and student members of the Board will hold membership for one year at a time and would be eligible to stand for representative membership for the following year. The Head of School will present the membership of the Board to the Faculty Pro Vice Chancellor for approval before the commencement of each academic year.


The proposed constitution enables the staff and students of the School to be fully represented at the School Board in a mix that reflects the academic provision of the School and is effective in the conduct of Board business. The above constitution allows Schools to have more than the basic number of student representatives if desired. For example, some of the Schools in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences have full-time and part-time student cohorts that are distinctive in their course provision and backgrounds and the Schools might wish this diversity to be reflected in their representation at the School Board. Staffing profiles of Schools also vary throughout the University and members, or representative members, of all staff groups within the School can be included in Board membership with the approval of the Faculty Pro Vice Chancellor.


The Head of School is able to invite others to attend the Board for a whole meeting or particular items to facilitate the Board’s discussion. The School Board will be serviced by the Faculty administration which will therefore be able to make an input to the meeting as appropriate. The Secretary to the Board and invited attendees will not have voting rights which will only extend to the Chair and staff and student members of the School Board.